Quilts from the Stray 7 and Trilogy Quilting Groups

Today we have some gorgeous quilts from two Washington state groups. First up are three gorgeous quilts from the Stray 7 group in Redmond-Woodinville, WA. This is a small group spinoff of the larger guild, Stray Threads. Sorry that we don’t have individual names associated with each quilt, but a big shout out and thanks to the Stray 7. The picture that shows 3 quilts were done by Carole, Jill and Karen of the Trilogy Group in Redmond, WA. The fabric was donated by Sharon Peach, and our very own Karen from QBB did the quilting. I mentioned to Karen that these quilts are striking which is fitting considering the pattern is called Streak of Lightening. Karen said that the whole process of piecing was very exciting and brought camaraderie to our group. Thanks to the Trilogy Group.
All of the quilts today are beautiful and will go to children in a future delivery very soon.
Cheers, Tina
Stray7 Group (1)       Stray7 Group (2)

Stray7 Group (3)     Trilogy


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