A Sampling of Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts

Last year at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, excited quilters accepted our Fat Quarter Challenge! We gave them a fat quarter that they then took home and using fabrics from their own stash, created a very wide variety of quilts. They then returned them to us via the mail.  Recently Ann received these quilts and LOOK AT THE VARIETY and IMAGINATION used in each one! Previous quilts submitted to us were blogged about in earlier posts, and some will be shown in coming days in other blogs.  Each quiltmaker is entered into a drawing that takes place this coming Monday, September 30th. Oooh, don’t ya just love a drawing!! Be on the lookout next week for the winner of the drawing! And be sure to hover over each quilt to see the name of the quiltmaker.  Click on the thumbnail to see a close-up.

  Willa McCain FQC   Ruthy Sarikas Kathy Davidson

Joan Albright Jill Ruesch FQC Jill Ruesch FQC 2

Jan Radesky Donna Sciandra Diana McKeever

Ann Strautman Anita Patton

Aren’t they all wonderful and sure to brighten some child’s heart and warm their nights! Thank you so very much, ladies, for using your talents in such fun and different ways!


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