More Quilts for Syria

Today we have more beautiful quilts that are already on their way to Tina for the Syrian Relief effort. You’ll notice I had two little helpers in some of the pictures. They are two of my granddaughters who were having a cousin sleepover with grandma. It was so fun to watch their eyes just light up when they saw these quilts and these are kids who get quilts from Grandma all the time. Can you imagine the joy these quilts will bring to children who have lost so much? They are going to LOVE them!

The first three quilts are from Deb Lindley. I sent her four kits to quilt and finish up and have received 8 quilts back! She took the backings I had pieced together and made them into tops, made different backs for all the quilts and did a wonderful job quilting them! I’ve posted about some earlier and these were the tail end of her generosity. Thank you so much, Deb!

Deb Lindley1 Deb Lindley 2 Deb Lindley3

These next quilts were made by Audrey Murphy and Katy Sweigart and beautifully quilted by Katy.  Take a good look at their handiwork.  The colors are so bright and cheerful! Every quilt was quilted differently and each row was uniquely quilted! I know these will be cherished as well by the children. I’m sure they’ll have sweet dreams under them.  The girls were so excited to see the next quilt that they couldn’t hold still. Although granddaughters may not be the best at holding quilts straight for picture taking, hopefully you can see the beautiful detail that went into each one. I can just imagine the scene when these come out of the boxes in Jordan!

Audrey Murphy and Katy Sweigart 5 Audrey Murphy and Katy Sweigart 6 Audrey Murphy Katy Sweigart 2 Audrey Murphy Katy Sweigart 3 Audrey Murphy Katy Sweigart 4 Audrey Murphy Katy Sweigart Katy Sweigart 2 Katy Sweigart

Thank you so much, Deb, Audrey and Katy. I hope you had as much fun and joy making these as the recipients will have receiving them!




9 Responses to “More Quilts for Syria”

  1. Quilts Beyond Borders | KatyQuilts Says:

    […] Just a quick post here…I see that an online friend, Deb, and I have quilts featured on the Quilts Beyond Borders blog. I found out that this last batch that I quilted for them will be headed to Syria. You can read the post and learn more about Quilts Beyond Borders here. […]

  2. Deb Says:

    It was a real honor and such FUN to participate in this Quilts Beyond Borders project…Thank YOU! Didn’t everyone do such a wonderful job with ALL these neat quilts and Miss Katy always does a beautiful job quilting 😉

    I just noticed I STILL have a few scraps of material left of ‘Sandi’s’ fabrics that I need to make a few more quilts with soooo, looks like I need to get back to it!

    Thanks to Everyone for a wonderful TEAM Effort and for allowing me to be a part of it!

  3. Laura Woods Says:

    I recently purchased a long arm and would love to practice by volunteering to quilt a few quilts for you. Let me know if I can help.

  4. Mary Rawlins Says:

    Do you have a contact in UK for collection of quilts for Syria?

    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Mary, let us check with the organization who is transporting the quilts for us. We were linked with them through UNICEF, so they may be able to provide a link to a group that is transporting items to the refugee camps in Syria from the UK.

      QBB is currently only located in the US, although we’ve been very fortunate to have quilters from the UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan, Korea and other countries who have sent quilts to us or brought them to us when they’ve come to the International Quilt Festival in Houston. If there is a group in the UK with a similar mission to ours, or a guild that is interested in doing this, we’d be happy to coordinate with them to help to get more quilts to more children.


      • Mary Rawlins Says:

        Thank you Carla. And thank you for offering to coordinate with a group over here if necessary. I will think seriously about that option or as a last resort will bring some quits over when I visit my US home in Florida in the Spring.

  5. Mary Rawlins Says:

    Hi Carla
    I seem to have accidentally deleted your e-mail message about your contacts in Florida for collecting quilts. If you still have it on record could you send it again?
    best wishes

  6. quiltsbeyondborders Says:

    Mary, I’ve just sent a note to your email ID. Thanks! Regards,

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