Where has the time gone?

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and the holidays are soon upon us.  And I am sure that all of us have been very busy so please excuse our absence from posting lately.  Today I’d like to share with you quilts that were made or quilted by the following individuals:  Marilyn Barba, Linda Lafleur, Lois McIntosh, Della Burwell, Diana (sorry I don’t have your last name), Sandra Evans, Carol Egan and Donna Sciandra.  All of these quilts were sent to International Relief & Development for the Syrian refugee children.  As always, if you hover over the picture you can see who did the quilt.  When there are two names it is a piecer and a quilter.

Barba_LaFleur (2)   Barba_LaFleur   Burwell_LaFleur (2)

Sciandra_LaFleur   McIntosh_LaFleur   LaFleur (4)

LaFleur (3)   LaFleur (2)   LaFleur (1)

Gail Hardy (4)   Gail Hardy (3)   Gail Hardy (2)

Gail Hardy (1)   Evans_LaFleur   Diana_LaFleur

Carol E_LaFleur   Carol E_LaFleur (2)   Burwell_LaFleur

Thanks so much to all of you.  These quilts will definitely be cherished by the children.

Regards, Tina


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