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Next Stop Jordan for the Syrian Children

January 21, 2014

Recently Noreen Fling, QBB Regional Coordinator, and her husband, Rodger, delivered 87 quilts to Gleaning for the World warehouse in Virginia. Gleaning for the World ( partners with IRD (International Relief & Development) and facilitates the delivery of the quilts. Their mission focuses on domestic relief and international humanitarian aid. Internationally, they work with other non-profits to meet the need for critical, life-saving supplies.

001 002 003 004   005 006 007  009
Noreen and Rodger were very impressed with the warehouse and the employees there. GFTW has already received over 200 quilts from QBB already. At this point, we believe all the quilts that we shipped or delivered to them are on their way to Jordan to the Syrian refugee children. The last photo is Noreen  and Mark O’Brien (warehouse manager).   Also note all the other items that the warehouse is delivering to various places.

QBB would like to thank all of you that helped us with this mission, to Noreen and Rodger for delivery, and thanks to Gleaning for the World and IRD for facilitating the delivery.  We know the children will love and appreciate these quilts.



More Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts

January 14, 2014

Today we’re featuring two quilts I’ve received from Texas quilters! Ann F and Glenda H both sent me their Fat Quarter Challenge quilts and aren’t they great? I received Ann’s last month and Glenda’s this month. What a great way to end and start the year!

FQC Ann Farmer FQC Glenda Hood

It’s always fun to open the box and see the creativity each quilter brings to the sewing machines. To think that each one of these quilts was started with just one fat quarter and look how unique they are! I know the children will absolutely hug these tight and have many happy thoughts as they look at their quilts and snuggle under them at night. Thank you so much, Ann and Glenda! Your time and talents are greatly appreciated by all of us at Quilts Beyond Borders and children all over the world! Without the generosity of quilters like you, we could not do what we do!



Beautiful Quilts, Donated at IQF in Houston

January 1, 2014

As promised in December, I wanted to show you some of the beautiful quilts that were donated to us at the International Quilt Festival in Houston when we were there. What better way to start the year than showing you this lovely display of eye-candy! Donors include:
• Maimie Abrego
• Susan Ayres
• Margienell Bailey
• Peggy Bussear
• Maude Garrison
• Kathleen Green
• Annabelle Kimball
• Judy Kirk
• Merci Lane
• Melba Mathis
• Kathy Romain
• Susan Seward
• Lynn Smith
• Carolyn Sower
• Kelli Thompson
• Val Venable
• Marisa Villanueva-Charriez
• Gayle Wallace
• Pauline Wilson

To see the names of the creators of these beautiful quilts, hover your cursor over the thumbnails and the names will appear as the file name. And, since the thumbnails don’t do them justice, click on them to see a larger view.

Annabelle Kimball 1 Annabelle Kimball 2 Annabelle Kimball 3 Annabelle Kimball 4 Annabelle Kimball 5 Annabelle Kimball 6 Annabelle Kimball 7 Annabelle Kimball 8 Annabelle Kimball 9 Clare Wilkinson 1 Clare Wilkinson 2 Clare Wilkinson 3 Clare Wilkinson 4 Clare Wilkinson 5 Darlene Hayes - Maude Garrison Darlene Hayes - Val Venable Elaine D. Gayle Wallace 1 Gayle Wallace 2 Gayle Wallace 3 Judi Kirk Kathleen Green Kathy Romain 1 Kathy Romain 2 Kelli Thompson 1 Kelli Thompson 2 LouAnn White Lynn Smith Maimie Abrego 1 Maimie Abrego 2 Maimie Abrego 3 Marci Lane Margienell Bailey 1 Margienell Bailey 2 MArgienell Bailey 3 Maria - MOMR 1 Maria - MOMR 2 Maria - MOMR 3 Melba Mathis Pauline Wilson Peggy Bussear Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 1 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 2 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 3 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 4 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 5 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 6 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 7 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 8 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 9 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 10 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 11 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 12 Susan Ayres Val Venable

Ladies, thank you all!  Most of these quilts are already on their way to Jordan to a refugee camp where they will be given to Syrian children who have been displaced by the war in Syria.  Many of these children fled from their homes with only the clothes on their backs, and many of them have lost their parents in the war, so these quilts will be treasured in what has become a very cold winter this year.

Quilts Beyond Borders wishes you all a wonderful New Year!