Beautiful Quilts, Donated at IQF in Houston

As promised in December, I wanted to show you some of the beautiful quilts that were donated to us at the International Quilt Festival in Houston when we were there. What better way to start the year than showing you this lovely display of eye-candy! Donors include:
• Maimie Abrego
• Susan Ayres
• Margienell Bailey
• Peggy Bussear
• Maude Garrison
• Kathleen Green
• Annabelle Kimball
• Judy Kirk
• Merci Lane
• Melba Mathis
• Kathy Romain
• Susan Seward
• Lynn Smith
• Carolyn Sower
• Kelli Thompson
• Val Venable
• Marisa Villanueva-Charriez
• Gayle Wallace
• Pauline Wilson

To see the names of the creators of these beautiful quilts, hover your cursor over the thumbnails and the names will appear as the file name. And, since the thumbnails don’t do them justice, click on them to see a larger view.

Annabelle Kimball 1 Annabelle Kimball 2 Annabelle Kimball 3 Annabelle Kimball 4 Annabelle Kimball 5 Annabelle Kimball 6 Annabelle Kimball 7 Annabelle Kimball 8 Annabelle Kimball 9 Clare Wilkinson 1 Clare Wilkinson 2 Clare Wilkinson 3 Clare Wilkinson 4 Clare Wilkinson 5 Darlene Hayes - Maude Garrison Darlene Hayes - Val Venable Elaine D. Gayle Wallace 1 Gayle Wallace 2 Gayle Wallace 3 Judi Kirk Kathleen Green Kathy Romain 1 Kathy Romain 2 Kelli Thompson 1 Kelli Thompson 2 LouAnn White Lynn Smith Maimie Abrego 1 Maimie Abrego 2 Maimie Abrego 3 Marci Lane Margienell Bailey 1 Margienell Bailey 2 MArgienell Bailey 3 Maria - MOMR 1 Maria - MOMR 2 Maria - MOMR 3 Melba Mathis Pauline Wilson Peggy Bussear Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 1 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 2 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 3 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 4 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 5 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 6 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 7 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 8 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 9 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 10 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 11 Sue Seward - MJ Morrison 12 Susan Ayres Val Venable

Ladies, thank you all!  Most of these quilts are already on their way to Jordan to a refugee camp where they will be given to Syrian children who have been displaced by the war in Syria.  Many of these children fled from their homes with only the clothes on their backs, and many of them have lost their parents in the war, so these quilts will be treasured in what has become a very cold winter this year.

Quilts Beyond Borders wishes you all a wonderful New Year!




2 Responses to “Beautiful Quilts, Donated at IQF in Houston”

  1. Donna Sciandra Says:

    Some quilts are simple and some are more intricate, but all are beautiful, thanks everyone for donating your time and talent.

  2. Sally in WA Says:

    It is simply wonderful the variety and beauty in these quilts.

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