We Need Your Vote!

As you know, Quilts Beyond Borders which provides quilts to orphans and needy children around the world where the warmth of a quilt is needed at night, and many of you have participated by making beautiful quilts that you’ve contributed to that effort.

We’ve recently applied for a small business grant from Fed Ex which, if we are one of the winners, will give us somewhere between $1000 and $25,000. We will spend any prize money on supplies and shipping to get more quilts to more children. As you know, we have no paid staff, and rely on all volunteer work and donations.

Please go to this link and vote for us! You can vote every day. And please share this post with your friends. Your vote will help to keep a needy child from shivering in the cold at night! Thank you!


And, just to motivate you, here are some pictures of some of the children who’ve received quilts from us!

528115_10151080952826827_1673961838_n 1 Cynthia L Clark & daughter IMG_0417 IMG_2710Casa Vallado Orphanage – San Luis Potosi Mexico 2012-09-10 16.45.50   003  Jeevan Anand Home 2  camera 080512 611

Thanks for your help!

5 thoughts on “We Need Your Vote!

    • Hi Kathleen. I sent Fed Ex a question asking if there was a way to vote without facebook. Apparently they require facebook to ensure that people vote only once per day. I’m sorry — but thank you for trying!


  1. I sent Fed Ex a question asking if there was a way that one could vote without it bouncing the voter to Facebook, and here was their reply:

    “Hi Carla,

    A Facebook account is required – that’s how we limit users to one vote per day. The first time a voter clicks on the “vote” button, they will get a message from Facebook asking them to allow access to their information. That access allows us to track votes by Facebook ID, and limit to one vote per day. We do not use that information for any other purpose.


    FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Team”

    We’ve heard from a few people who say they’ve been able to vote without a facebook page, so maybe it works. I honestly don’t know. But that’s the official word from Fed Ex. Thanks for trying, though!

    And, Sarah, thanks for sharing with your facebook friends!


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