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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 30, 2014



Can you believe it’s already May tomorrow? Today we have another wonderful quilt show and tell. We have quilts sent to us that were picked up as kits at Houston (always fun to see these quilts returned); we have quilts that were done by a volunteer who has now volunteered to be our new Regional Coordinator (Karen Matheson); quilts by military personnel and engineers;  quilts by first time volunteers; and quilts by previous volunteers.  Thanks to all of you, Susan Powers; Patricia from Port Austin, MI and also Nataie (sorry ladies I don’t have your last names); Camille Martin; Ramona Yurwitz; Maryanna Caldwell; Jamee Pemberton; Karen Matheson; Donna Sciandra; Capt. Kim Phillips; Hays Nichol; Marissa Charrier;  Carolyn Gower; Dathy Schwabel; & Crystal Smith.   As always you can see the quilt information by hovering over the pictures.
Enjoy, Tina



Camille Martin (1) Camille Martin (2) Camille Martin (3) Capt Kim Phillips & Karen Matheson Carolyn Gower & Karen Matheson Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (1) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (2) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (3) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (4) Hays Nichols & Karen Matheson Jamee Pemberton KathySchwabeland (1) KathySchwabeland (2) KathySchwabeland (3) Marissa Charrier & Karen Matheson Maryanna Caldwell Natalie & Patricia MI Patricia MI (1) Patricia MI (2) SusanPowers1 SusanPowers2



A Plethora of Quilts!

April 24, 2014

We’ve had many busy bees and once again, with most of these quilts it’s been a team effort. Such a treat for the eyes!

Special thanks go out to:

Karen Matheson: One of our new RC’s who coordinated all these top makers and longarmers as well as quilting some of them herself.

Diane Dornfried Jacobson: Very talented long arm quilter

Donna Sciandra: A prolific piecer. It’s always fun to see what she comes up with.

Rose Herring: She sent four completed quilts to Karen.

Marsha Johnson: She sent 6 tops to be finished.

Regina Huber: Sent two finished quilts to Karen as well.

Sandy Morawski: A special Long-Arm teacher and quilter who worked her magic on several of these quilts.

Donna Dellacamera: Attended IQF in Houston and made two quilts, one from a kit that she picked up in Houston at our booth.

Patty Bradshaw: Sent a top to be finished.

Jamie Ringgenberg: A brand new quilter and bride! She got together with some friends. They didn’t know much about sewing but their desire to help us kept them motivated and they did a wonderful job. Hopefully they’ll get addicted and make more! 🙂

As always, hover over each picture to see the names of the makers and quilters. Thank you all for your help! I know these will bring many smiles all around the world!



Bennett:Diane J  Bennett:Karen M  Detail Bennett:Karen M  Detail Jamie R:Karen M  Donna D 2  Donna D1  Donna S:Karen M 2  Donna S:Karen M  Donna S:Karen M1  Jamie R:Karen M 1  Jo:Huber  2  Jo:Regina H 1  Karen M 1  Karen M 2  Karen M 3  Karen M 4  Karen M 5  Karen M 6  Karen M 7  Karen M 8  Karen M  Marsha J:Sandy M 1  Marsha J:Sandy M 2  Marsha J:Sandy M 3  Patty B Karen M  Rose Herring 1  Rose Herring 2  Rose Herring 3  Rose Herring 4

Quilt Delivery to Syrian Children

April 18, 2014

Last fall we sent out a request for finished quilts for Syrian Refugee Children who have found refuge in Jordan.  We worked with International Relief & Development for this effort.  IRD in turn uses other partners to help in the distribution of goods.  The partner they used for the quilt delivery was Gleaning for the World (  They were able to send us a few pictures from one of the deliveries in Jordan.   They plan to deliver more quilts in the next month and will try to send more pictures then.  We were able to provide over 300 quilts for this effort.  Many thanks to all of you who helped.


Syria1 Syria2 Syria3

Quilt Delivery to Haiti

April 16, 2014

As Carla mentioned in a recent blog post about quilts delivered to Romania, we are not always able to get pictures of the children receiving the quilts. Well we have received a few photos from recent deliveries to Syrian refugee children in Jordan and orphans in Haiti. Today we have pictures from the Haiti delivery.
Quilts Beyond Borders has supplied Haiti with over 500 quilts since the earthquake of 2010. We have been fortunate to have missionary partners Russ and Sherry Cole. Sherry, particularly, works with orphanages and has handled the distribution. This group of 100 quilts went to Haiti late last summer. We hope these quilts will brighten these young children’s lives. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make these quilts.


Haiti1 (1) Haiti1 (2) Haiti1 (5) Haiti1 (6) Haiti1 (7) Haiti1 (8) Haiti1 (9) Haiti1 (10) Haiti1 (11) Haiti1 (12) Haiti1 (13) Haiti1 (14)

A Fun Picture Show

April 14, 2014

We have received some very fun quilts in the mail lately. I’m going to let you just enjoy the show. You should be able to click on each picture for the name of the piecer as well as the quilter if there are two names. Enjoy!

Here are two Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts from Chuck G and Karisa H.

Chuck G FQC  Karisa H FQC


The Quilting For Christ Ministry has been busy as well. They sent the following tops and Sue B did a wonderful quilting job:

Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 2  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 3  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 4 Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 5  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 6  Quilting for Christ & Sandi Watters Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham 2  Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham

Three members of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild contributed to these next quilts.  Thank you, Joann, Pat and Ann!

Ann & Pat Sunshine  Joann Sunshine 1  Joann Sunshine 2 Joann Sunshine 3  JOann Sunshine 4  Pat Sunshine 1 Pat Sunshine


The following quilts are sent to us from Linda C, Della B and Peggy H:

Linda Cadzow & Sandi W Della Burwell & Sandi Watters 2  Della Burwell & Sandi Watters  Peggy Hudel & Sandi Watters


Thank you all so very much! These will bring a lot of sunshine and joy to children around the world!





Quilt Delivery in Romania

April 9, 2014

Delivering quilts to needy children can make you feel just like Santa Clause, any time of the year! And I assure you, once you do it you will know that it is definitely more blessed to give than it is to receive!

We cannot always get photographs of our quilt deliveries. Sometimes photos are precluded by the privacy policies of the orphanages or community centers where we deliver, and other times the volunteers delivering the quilts simply become so busy and absorbed in giving the quilts to the very excited and happy children that no one remembers to pick up the camera to record the event. Nevertheless, when we do receive pictures we like to share them on our blog so that the wonderful quilters can see how much the children appreciate receiving the beautiful quilts they have donated.

Recently we received some photos from Karen Bucur, Director of International Programs for Pathway to Joy Ministries. Karen asked us to pass along her thanks to our donors for the vital part they play in helping to bring joy, healing and comfort to the orphaned and needy children of Oradea, Romania. 

Below are the pictures that Karen sent of the delivery to the orphanage in Oradea:

  IMG_1990 IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2013 IMG_2171 IMG_2165 IMG_2132 IMG_2077 IMG_2015 IMG_2246 IMG_2244 IMG_2241 IMG_2214 IMG_2198 IMG_2311 IMG_2307 IMG_2288 IMG_2285 IMG_2262

Great thanks to all the generous and talented quilters who made the lovely quilts!  You can see how delighted the children are to have received them!