Quilt Delivery in Romania

Delivering quilts to needy children can make you feel just like Santa Clause, any time of the year! And I assure you, once you do it you will know that it is definitely more blessed to give than it is to receive!

We cannot always get photographs of our quilt deliveries. Sometimes photos are precluded by the privacy policies of the orphanages or community centers where we deliver, and other times the volunteers delivering the quilts simply become so busy and absorbed in giving the quilts to the very excited and happy children that no one remembers to pick up the camera to record the event. Nevertheless, when we do receive pictures we like to share them on our blog so that the wonderful quilters can see how much the children appreciate receiving the beautiful quilts they have donated.

Recently we received some photos from Karen Bucur, Director of International Programs for Pathway to Joy Ministries. Karen asked us to pass along her thanks to our donors for the vital part they play in helping to bring joy, healing and comfort to the orphaned and needy children of Oradea, Romania. 

Below are the pictures that Karen sent of the delivery to the orphanage in Oradea:

  IMG_1990 IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2013 IMG_2171 IMG_2165 IMG_2132 IMG_2077 IMG_2015 IMG_2246 IMG_2244 IMG_2241 IMG_2214 IMG_2198 IMG_2311 IMG_2307 IMG_2288 IMG_2285 IMG_2262

Great thanks to all the generous and talented quilters who made the lovely quilts!  You can see how delighted the children are to have received them!





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