A Fun Picture Show

We have received some very fun quilts in the mail lately. I’m going to let you just enjoy the show. You should be able to click on each picture for the name of the piecer as well as the quilter if there are two names. Enjoy!

Here are two Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts from Chuck G and Karisa H.

Chuck G FQC  Karisa H FQC


The Quilting For Christ Ministry has been busy as well. They sent the following tops and Sue B did a wonderful quilting job:

Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 2  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 3  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 4 Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 5  Quilting for Christ & Sandi W 6  Quilting for Christ & Sandi Watters Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham 2  Quilting for Christ & Sue Bickham

Three members of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild contributed to these next quilts.  Thank you, Joann, Pat and Ann!

Ann & Pat Sunshine  Joann Sunshine 1  Joann Sunshine 2 Joann Sunshine 3  JOann Sunshine 4  Pat Sunshine 1 Pat Sunshine


The following quilts are sent to us from Linda C, Della B and Peggy H:

Linda Cadzow & Sandi W Della Burwell & Sandi Watters 2  Della Burwell & Sandi Watters  Peggy Hudel & Sandi Watters


Thank you all so very much! These will bring a lot of sunshine and joy to children around the world!






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