A Plethora of Quilts!

We’ve had many busy bees and once again, with most of these quilts it’s been a team effort. Such a treat for the eyes!

Special thanks go out to:

Karen Matheson: One of our new RC’s who coordinated all these top makers and longarmers as well as quilting some of them herself.

Diane Dornfried Jacobson: Very talented long arm quilter

Donna Sciandra: A prolific piecer. It’s always fun to see what she comes up with.

Rose Herring: She sent four completed quilts to Karen.

Marsha Johnson: She sent 6 tops to be finished.

Regina Huber: Sent two finished quilts to Karen as well.

Sandy Morawski: A special Long-Arm teacher and quilter who worked her magic on several of these quilts.

Donna Dellacamera: Attended IQF in Houston and made two quilts, one from a kit that she picked up in Houston at our booth.

Patty Bradshaw: Sent a top to be finished.

Jamie Ringgenberg: A brand new quilter and bride! She got together with some friends. They didn’t know much about sewing but their desire to help us kept them motivated and they did a wonderful job. Hopefully they’ll get addicted and make more! 🙂

As always, hover over each picture to see the names of the makers and quilters. Thank you all for your help! I know these will bring many smiles all around the world!



Bennett:Diane J  Bennett:Karen M  Detail Bennett:Karen M  Detail Jamie R:Karen M  Donna D 2  Donna D1  Donna S:Karen M 2  Donna S:Karen M  Donna S:Karen M1  Jamie R:Karen M 1  Jo:Huber  2  Jo:Regina H 1  Karen M 1  Karen M 2  Karen M 3  Karen M 4  Karen M 5  Karen M 6  Karen M 7  Karen M 8  Karen M  Marsha J:Sandy M 1  Marsha J:Sandy M 2  Marsha J:Sandy M 3  Patty B Karen M  Rose Herring 1  Rose Herring 2  Rose Herring 3  Rose Herring 4


One Response to “A Plethora of Quilts!”

  1. Jo Says:

    I see the first top i sent you which somebody has kindly quilted. From Australia to America to Syria, how small the quilting world is. Jo

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