April Showers Bring May Flowers



Can you believe it’s already May tomorrow? Today we have another wonderful quilt show and tell. We have quilts sent to us that were picked up as kits at Houston (always fun to see these quilts returned); we have quilts that were done by a volunteer who has now volunteered to be our new Regional Coordinator (Karen Matheson); quilts by military personnel and engineers;  quilts by first time volunteers; and quilts by previous volunteers.  Thanks to all of you, Susan Powers; Patricia from Port Austin, MI and also Nataie (sorry ladies I don’t have your last names); Camille Martin; Ramona Yurwitz; Maryanna Caldwell; Jamee Pemberton; Karen Matheson; Donna Sciandra; Capt. Kim Phillips; Hays Nichol; Marissa Charrier;  Carolyn Gower; Dathy Schwabel; & Crystal Smith.   As always you can see the quilt information by hovering over the pictures.
Enjoy, Tina



Camille Martin (1) Camille Martin (2) Camille Martin (3) Capt Kim Phillips & Karen Matheson Carolyn Gower & Karen Matheson Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (1) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (2) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (3) Donna Sciandra & Crystal Smith (4) Hays Nichols & Karen Matheson Jamee Pemberton KathySchwabeland (1) KathySchwabeland (2) KathySchwabeland (3) Marissa Charrier & Karen Matheson Maryanna Caldwell Natalie & Patricia MI Patricia MI (1) Patricia MI (2) SusanPowers1 SusanPowers2



2 Responses to “April Showers Bring May Flowers”

  1. Camille Martin Says:

    Tina, Thank you so much for posting my quilts.
    Camille Martin from New Jersey

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