More awesome quilts

First off I’ve received another wonderful Fat Quarter Challenge Quilt from Trudy P in Texas.  She did a wonderful job on it.  I love the weaving! It’s always fun to figure out which fabric was the fat quarter.

FQC Trudy Pickle

Thank you very much, Trudy and I’ll be sure to get your extra chances for the $100 prize drawing registered too! Only a few more months left to get the extra chances to win that $100 prize.

We also have some very fun quilts that have been sent to our California Regional Coordinator, Ann. Sadly, for most of these quilts we only have first names and no email addresses to thank them so we hope they’re followers of the blog and know of our heartfelt gratitude. We have quilts from Donna Sciandra and Joann D, Kay in AZ and Sally. These are sure to bring smiles!

Kay in AZ 3  Kay in AZ 4  Sally  Kay in AZ 2  Kay in AZ 1  Donna S:Joann D 3  Donna S:Joann D 2  Donna S:Joann D 1


Thank you again and if you know any of these piecers, please let them know to come check out the blog and know we appreciate their help!




One Response to “More awesome quilts”

  1. Sally in WA Says:

    Beautiful quilts!

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