A Quick Turn Around

Recently I returned from vacation to find all of these lovely quilts waiting for me! The first two are Fat Quarter Challenge Quilts created by Donna Dellacamera and Jean Ruvel. Thank you so much! It’s always fun to see the individuality of each quilt even though they all started with just a single FQ for inspiration. I’ll be sure to enter both of your extra chances into the drawing for the $100 grand prize!

QBB Donna Dellacamera FQC QBB Jean Ruvel FQC

Before I left for vacation, I was quilting like a mad woman! You see, I wanted my friend, Della Burwell, to have lots to do while I was gone and she succeeded! I left her six quilts to bind and she had them all done and waiting for me even before I got home! Way to go, Della! Three of these tops are from the quilt guild, Quilting for Christ Ministries. The others are from Kathy Elston as well as tops that Della pieced. The last one is from Joann from the Sunshine Online Quilt.

QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 2 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w 3 QBB Quilting for Christ:Sandi w QBB Kathy Elston:Sandi W QBB Della 2 QBB Della QBB Joann sunshine

These quilts aren’t staying at my house for very long. While I was gone, we had three initiatives come to fruition. These quilts, as well as all of THESE quilts that I’ve been storing, are quickly headed to Uganda! Other Regional Coordinators are working on this as well to deliver 150 quilts to the Kasana Children’s Center there.

QBB Uganda 2014

Karen M also received the following quilts from Randee and Cindy. Love the bright colors! These will probably be going to Ethiopia!

QBB Cindy QBB Karen M QBB Randee QBB Randee 2 QBB Randee 3

We also have 80 quilts going to the Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine. These are destined to boys who are disabled and I know it’s going to mean the world to them to receive so much love. If you go to YouTube or just Google the orphanage, you can see a video of three different groups from the orphanage at Christmas time. Note the happiness on their faces when they receive a gift and think of what it will mean to them when they receive their very own quilt!

The next initiative is to Ethiopia this September. Several members of our Board as well as friends will be hand delivering between 250-400 quilts to orphans there who have already lost so much in their young lives! It’ll be Christmas in September, for both the children AND the volunteers!

If you have a minute, we invite you to Google any of these initiatives to learn more about these charities and the wonderful work YOU are helping with! Thank you to each and every one of you! There are so many needs to be met and with all of us working together, WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!





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