Call for Quilts for Syrian Refugee Children

Late last year we worked with a couple of other charities to send more than 300 quilts to Jordan for children who had escaped the war in Syria. That war continues, and this year we’d like to participate in another effort to get more quilts to more children who have escaped to the refugee camps.

We have recently communicated with The Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM),  a non-profit organization that provides education concerning the Middle East and North Africa and provides humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict. They are currently involved in monthly missions sending groups of approximately 20 medical practitioners to Jordan to provide medical assistance to Syrians who have been displaced by the war. They have expressed a concern that it becomes very cold during the winter months in Jordan, and told us that some children literally froze to death last year.

SCM has asked that we provide quilts — “as many as can be sent to us” — for their trip in October.   Quilts will be added to their container being shipped in early October going to Jordan for the benefit of the Syrian refugees there. The quilts will be distributed in northern Jordan and the outskirts of Amman. The quilts will be put to immediate use as they will arrive just as winter is setting in and many refugees are living in tents or shelters that have inadequate heating.

Quilts should be 42″ wide by 42″ to 60″ long, machine quilted and machine bound.  One of our board members, Karen Vander Stoep, will be coordinating the collection of quilts for this initiative. If you would like to donate a quilt, please send an email to us at and we will provide the address where you can send your quilt.

Thanks very much for your help! I know the children who receive the quilts you send will greatly appreciate their warmth and comfort as the winter arrives in Jordan.  Here’s a picture of children in Jordan at a refugee camp where quilts were delivered last year.



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