Beautiful Quilts Headed to Jordan, Ethiopia and Ukraine

As we headed into summer this year we didn’t seem to have a lot on our plate as far as requests from people traveling on missions to places where they were going to be working with orphanages or with other organizations helping needy children.  I really thought we might actually have a slow summer, with more quilts coming in than going out.  Boy was I wrong!  We’ve got a lot going on now, and I hope we’ll get even more quilts to keep it going and help us meet all our commitments!

As you may know from a recent post, we’re working with the Salaam Cultural Museum to get quilts to Syrian Refugee children who have escaped to camps in Jordan.  Karen Vander Stoep is coordinating that effort for us, and she’s sent me some pictures of some of the beautiful quilts she’s received for this effort.  Quilters are Becky Goldner, Barbara Nilles, Loretta Milton, Jan from AZ, Susan Powers, Natalie and Patricia, and Karen.  Hover over the thumbnails to see names, where I have them.  I’m not sure which were pieced by Loretta and Jan, but they are among those quilted by Becky.  If someone knows, let me know via comment and I’ll add the name to the titles!  Also, click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Becky Goldner - Barbara Nilles - Becky G 2Becky Goldner 3 & 4Becky Goldner 5 Becky Goldner 6Karen Vander StoepSusan Powers & Natalie & Patricia

Noreen also sent me pictures of the many quilts that have already gone to Ethiopia with Cherokee Volunteers, and of some that will be going to Jordan and other destinations with IRD and Gleaning for the World.  Among the quilters of these are the Cypress Creek Quilt Guild, Linda Mullins Spirio, Donna Sciandra, Alice Helms and Barbara Rodgers.

Alice - BarbaraCypress Creek Quilt GuildDonna-Linda 1 Donna-Linda 2Donna-Linda 3Donna-Linda 4 Donna-Linda 5 Linda

Finally, here are about 40 quilts from the Blanco Quilters, Quilters of St. James the Less, Helen Baczynski, Anya Baker and several others whose names I don’t know.  In the picture they’re on shelves waiting to be packed into bags by Charity Jacobson who will be transporting them to the Romaniv Orphanage for disabled boys in Ukraine.  Charity has promised to take pictures when the quilts are delivered to the children so hopefully we’ll a better view of the quilts with the happy children who receive them.

Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine Quilts for Romaniv Orphanage in Ukraine2

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters, and all the organizations who are helping us to get these quilts to the children!  Please keep them coming, everybody!  We want to keep more children warm this winter!




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