2013 Fat Quarter Challenge is coming to a close

Hard to believe almost a year has passed since we started our current Fat Quarter Challenge and soon we’ll be meeting in Houston again! I’ve received FQC quilts weekly the past month and there is still a little bit of time for those of you who might be hurrying to finish yours up to send to me so your name can be entered in the $100 drawing taking place Sept 30th. Here are the latest entries.  These were made by Pam Murphree, Mary Kay Otto,  Susan Devant, Sarah Huie, Joyce Hladik, Marilyn Peery, Vickie Craddock, Pam Hish, Tena McElroy, Annette Jones, Linnie Hyde, Susan Seward, Teri Slaughter, Deb Davis, and Cathy Davidson.

FQC ANnette Jones  FQC Cathy Davidson FQC Deb Davis  FQC Joyce Hladik FQC Linnie Hyde  FQC Marilyn Peery FQC Mary Otto:Susan Devant:Sarah Huie  FQC Pam Hish FQC Pam Murphree  FQC Susan Seward FQC Tori Slaughter  FQC Vickie Craddock

I’ve also been receiving finished quilts from longarmers who have finished them for us. I’m really happy to post these finished quilts as they had been sitting in my QBB closet as tops, backs, bindings and labels just waiting for some TLC to finish them up. It’s so nice to see them all finished and waiting to be loved and needed this winter.  The folks who made these quilts happen are: Kathy Elston, Judy Cabot, Linda Cadzow, Marilyn B, Quilting For Christ Ministry, Sue, Kathy, Sophia, Anya, Ann, Jo of Australia, Delleen Kompkoff and Louise.

Joyce Hladik 1  Joyce Hladik Kathy Elston:Judy C 2  Kathy Elston:Judy C 3 Kathy Elston:Judy C 4  Kathy Elston:Judy C Linda Cadzow:Judy Cabot  Marilyn B:Judy C Quilting for Christ:Judy c 2  Quilting for Christ:Judy C Sandi W:Judy c 1  Sandi W:Judy C 2 Sue Kathy Sophia Anya Ann Jo of Australia Delleen Kompkoff Louise

All of these quilts will be leaving here shortly and on their way to Washington where they’ll be sent forward to help the refugees, just in time for cold weather! Thank you all for the great work you’ve done.




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