Salaam Cultural Center on the News and QBB

Tonight our local news in Seattle, highlighted the work of Rita Zamadeh, Salaam Cultural Center. Her mission is primarily medical: doctors, specialists, nurses and medical supplies for refugees in the middle east. She also fills a container of clothing, food and other items that are sent every other month.

Rita SCCSo far QBB has sent 113 quilts. During the interview she pointed to some of the items sent and picked up a quilt, with a very large label facing the camera “Quilts Beyond Borders”. Wow! We will gladly deliver another 20 quilts to her tomorrow. They are entering the winter,  so let’s try to get as many as possible to her for the November trip. It’s going to mean so much to these children, who are traumatized by war, displaced and have lost family.

Send us an email with the number of finished quilts you have, and we’ll give you an address of where to send. We are collecting on both east and west coast. Thank you for helping out.

Here is a link to watch the video:
Regards, Karen


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