Winter is Coming and Quilts are Still Needed for Syrian Refugee Children

If you’ve been reading our blog, we have been collecting quilts for the Syrian refugee children in Jordan. The need for quilts for these children continues to grow as more and more families are displaced by war. Winter is approaching and life in the tents is chilling. Your quilts are an important source of needed warmth and comfort.

Below are some pictures provided by Rita Zawaideh of the Salaam Cultural Center. Rita is very supportive of the quilts we have delivered to her and many have already made their way to Jordan. Rita is in the red shirt and Reham is holding the quilt. Reham is going back and forth to Jordan with Rita.  SCM7

Pictures from one of the first deliveries of our quilts.



Our quilters response has been terrific and we have passed the 400 mark this year for refugees alone! We are not done though. Please keep those machines “singing” as we continue to provide quilts for love and comfort, and warmth for these refugee children.

Quilts at SCM waiting for the next shipment.  SCM3
We greatly appreciate receiving completed quilts, as we’re able to get those most quickly into the hands of a child who needs it. If you don’t care to quilt your top, we would also appreciate if you can return it to us kitted up with backing and binding so that we can quickly send it to a longarmer for completion. And longarmers, we do have kits waiting to send to you if you can help us quilt them. Please contact us at and we can provide addresses, East or West Coast whichever is closer, to send completed quilts.

Here are some completed quilts from Delleen Kompkoff and also Peggy Icenogle and Nancy D. These quilts have been sent to SCM for the Syrian children. Thanks so much ladies and to all who have supported this drive.

Kompkoff (2)Kompkoff (1)PeggyIcenogle_NancyD


Karen V


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