A Great Time at the International Quilt Festival!

Well, we’re back from Festival and finally settled. We had a terrific time at the booth this year.

I’ll be honest — when I first saw our location, I was a little concerned. We were waaaaaaaay back in the far back right corner, right near the restrooms. But what was I thinking!! What could be better than being right near the restrooms? Between Wednesday evening preview night and Sunday afternoon, the last day of the show, we probably saw everyone who attended the show! Some sought us out so they could bring us quilts and tops they’d made for us since last year and others were just on their way to or from the restroom when they spotted us and stopped by to check out our wares!

We had a wonderful response from all the people who came to our booth. We received over 140 quilts and tops from quilters who’d picked up kits from us in prior years, and we had 115 quilters sign up to participate in our Fat Quarter Challenge.  We gave out kits to more than 260 quilters.  And we sold nearly every fundraising product we brought to the show!

I’d like to express my gratitude to all the wonderful customers and quilters who came to our booth and brought quilts and tops and bought quilts, jewelry, scarves, baskets and all the other fundraising items we brought from Ethiopia.  I’d also like to thank Stephanie Robertson and her team who donated the wonderful Kipepeo Greeting Cards, made by needy women in Kenya, that we sold on the last couple of days in the booth.

I’d also like to thank the wonderful volunteers who helped me out in the booth:


  • Brenda Barnett
  • Cheryl and Tim Batsche
  • Felicia Ramirez
  • Lisa and Chuck Glenn
  • Linda Mullins-Spirio
  • Carolyn Sower
  • Loretta Kelldorf


Thank you all for your hard work and dedication!  And thanks for making it so much fun for me!

Below are some pictures of the booth and some of the events of our week:


Here I’m explaining to a quilter now our Fat Quarter Challenge works. Brenda Barnett, one of our Illinois volunteers, and Loretta Kelldorf our wonderful Regional Coordinator in Tyler, TX, are answering questions and handling the sign-outs for kits an sign-in for quilts .


Note some of the beautiful quilts that are hanging around our booth. These were all donated by generous volunteers for us to sell.


When we sell one quilt in our booth we can pay the luggage fees to get 20-30 more quilts to children, or pay the postage to send 30-40 kitted-up tops to longarmers.


Betty Thomas brought us 12 quilts from her quilting group in Louisiana. From left to right, holding all these beautiful quilts, are Loretta, Betty’s sister Audrey Malone, Betty, and me. The children who receive these bright and cheery quilts are going to love them!


Shirley Deasy of Livingston, TX with two of the quilts she made for us. Great job, Shirley!


Chuck Glenn explains our Fat Quarter Challenge to a quilter. Chuck and his wife Lisa are two of our wonderful volunteers. They make a great team, binding and longarming quilts for us!


Loretta handles intake and sign-outs, while Lisa Glenn meets another volunteer who brought us a quilt she made for us.


Visitors to the booth peruse the beautiful quilts we had for sale.


Lisa helps display a donated quilt for a photo.


Chuck and Loretta holding down the fort!


Our youngest quilter, Emilia, age 7, displays a quilt top she made for a needy child.  Beautiful!


Some more of the beautiful quilts and the scarves we had for sale. The scarves were made by needy women who needed to develop a new skill to earn a living.


Loretta answers questions about some of our products in the booth.


Loretta helping customers while Brenda surveys the quilts for sale in the booth.

It was a great Festival!  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next year at the IQF!








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