Quilts Desperately Needed for Syrian Refugees and Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation as Winter Approaches

We are asking for your help again for completed quilts for Syrian refugees in Jordan and for the Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation in Bennett Freeze area of Arizona.  The need is urgent because both of these groups live in areas where the cold, winter months are approaching rapidly and both groups are living in tents or houses without heat.

We have been sending quilts to the Syrian refugee children ongoing this year.  Right now we are trying to collect 75 quilts by mid-December for shipment to Jordan to a camp that houses refugees from ISIS and the Syrian war.  While we commonly think of the Middle East as being all desert and extremely hot, the camp is in northern Jordan where the winters are very cold.  Many of these refugees escaped Syria with only the clothes on their backs and are currently living in tents.  Last year several babies died when the temperatures dropped to freezing.  Our quilts are not only welcome and appreciated, but also lifesaving in some instances.  This initiative is being handled out of Lovettsville, VA.

Syrian baby 2  Syrian baby

The second initiative is to gather 100 quilts by Christmas for Navajo children and elderly people living in the Bennett Freeze area of Arizona.  Again, you may think of Arizona as being hot and arid, this is not the case for this area in the winter.  Winter temperatures here are already in the teens and just this week dipped to 12 degrees.  Many of these residents live in homes with no electricity, heat or running water.  Last year we provided quilts to this area, but we have been asked to provide more quilts for people who didn’t receive them in 2013.  We have been told that they were very much appreciated for their warmth and beauty.  This initiative is being handled out of Bear River City, UT.

Bennett freeze  Bennett freeze2

I know it’s a busy time of the year for many of you right now.  However, we hope if any of you have some finished quilts for either of these groups, that you could help us out.  Also for those of you that picked up fat quarters for the challenge at IQF, now would be a good time to complete those quilts and earn more chances for the monthly $25 gift certificate drawing from Fat Quarter Shop.

All of us at QBB wish each of you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you will consider our rather urgent plea for quilts at this time.  If you have quilts, please email us at quiltsbeyondborders@gmail.com.  Thanks.

All the best,



6 Responses to “Quilts Desperately Needed for Syrian Refugees and Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation as Winter Approaches”

  1. Diane Averett Says:

    What sizes are most needed?

  2. Joy Says:

    Also, think I asked before but you do not want crocheted/knitted blankets?

    Sent from my iPad


    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Joy, Unfortunately, we can’t accept crocheted/knitted blankets. The laundry facilities in many of the places we deliver quilts can be pretty harsh, and it’s not likely that crocheted or knitted blankets would make it through. That’s why we ask that quilts be quilted and bound by machine.

      Thanks for asking!


  3. HawkFan Says:


    I have a 48 inch square child’s quilt (giant star, cat in the hat fabrics) I can donate if you can use it. I just recently finished it. I hand sewed the binding down but I back track every few stitches to anchor it. I know some places require machine stitched binding. It’s also my first time FMQing a quilt so the back isn’t great. It isn’t horrible but it’s definitely beginner level. I can send you pictures if you’d like is you’ll know if it’s acceptable. Just let me know and if you can use it I can pop it in the mail right away


    Sent from my iPad


    • quiltsbeyondborders Says:

      Audrey, it sounds really cute! We’d love to have it! We’ll probably reinforce the binding by machine, because machine binding tends to stand up much better in the laundry conditions the quilts sometimes face, but we’ve found there are no “Quilt Police” in any of the places we’ve delivered quilts so “beginner level” quilting works very well for us! In fact, making a quilt for a charity is a great way to practice your skills while doing something wonderful for a child who will cherish your quilt.

      Thank you!

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