A Real Christmas Story & A Big Thanks

I wanted to pass along this wonderful pay it forward message from our Regional Coordinator, Karen, who was with her husband, Paul purchasing blankets for the Syrian refugees. Here is her story:

“Paul and I were responding to the need for blankets for Syrian refugees . I know our organization has sent hundreds of quilts but with over 10 million refugees and a relentless winter, the need is glaring. We visited our local “Value Village Thrift Store” and piled a cart full of warm and cozy blankets. At checkout, we explained that they were all going to Syrian refugees and that we would appreciate any allowable discount. He replied, you might qualify for the Sr. discount (gasp, might be overqualified for that). 20% . We thanked him and learned the total of $58. The young lady behind me said “please let me pay for it. I heard what you said, my heart goes out, please allow me.”

We had to cough a bit to check the tears, it was such a generous, pay it forward act. She said she was not from the middle east but she had worked with refugees and she just understood.

Wow, so we went to Value Village in the next town; did it over again! not complaining but I’ll be washing blankets for days.”

QBB would also like to thank everyone who came to our pleas for quilts for the Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation and more quilts for Syrian refugee children that will be sent by Gleaning for the World. We not only fulfilled our commitment for the Navajo people but we also made the deadline by Christmas. We really didn’t think we’d be able to get 100 quilts that quickly. Even better, we were hoping to get 100 quilts to send with Gleaning in their next trip to Jordan, and we actually collected 150!

I think Karen said it best, “Let’s always be proud to live in a country that has so much love, compassion and generosity for others.”

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!


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