The Forgotten People of Bennett Freeze Initiative was a smashing success!

I am in awe of your generosity and the speed with which this initiative was filled. When Carla first sent out an email asking if we thought we could do this, there were VERY few quilts in anyone’s inventory. We were confident we’d be able to fulfill the goal but not before Christmas. No way! Give us a couple months and we’d be able to round up that many quilts was my thought. But…the plea was posted on the blog and in less than a week, we had commitments for both the Forgotten People and Syria for almost 100 quilts each. But in reality, we reached and surpassed both of those goals. A total of 149 quilts were sent to AZ in the past two weeks and 150 to Syria! YOU PEOPLE ROCK! Everyone knows that quilts are filled with lots of love but until I was in charge of this initiative, I don’t think I really, really got it. As these boxes and boxes of quilts came into my home, I felt all that love. Usually I’m on the giving end and even though these quilts weren’t here very long, they brought a wonderful Christmas magic into my home! A real ah ha moment for me and I know they are going to be loved and cherished and used every single day! The following people helped make the Forgotten People initiative a reality:

Sandra Gerhardt, Rosemary Boros, Lori Roelse, Theola Breaux, Sue, Sarah, Jody Daniels, Jean Clarkson, Loretta Kelldorf,  Joann Hopkins, Jennifer DeMeuse, Donna Sciandra, Linda Dranchak, Merla Fritchey, Jean Clarkson, Melinda Connely, Maribeth Frevert, Gayle Wallace, Annabelle Kimball, Kathy Parker, Autumn Crites, Judy Wood, Tracey M, LaDawna M, Margaret R, Vicki Rhodes, Christ Poehlman, Carolyn Sowers, Audrey Butler, Cathy Labath, Delleen Kompkoff, Becky Goldner, Barb Nilles, Celina, Edith, Sharon Hill, JoAnne Dana, Chuck & Lisa Glenn, Susan Seward, Mary Jane Morrison, JoNell Mollohan, Sue Ayres, Vicki Reed, Marci Lane, Lynda Young, Jane Sanders, Karen Humphrey, Jan B and Karen M.

We also had the following groups contribute as well:

Sunshine Online Quilt Guild with quilts by Pat Ferguson, Kathy Thomason, JoAnn Sagar, Tammy Simpson, Ann Drake, Lia Brodnax and Sue Trzcinski

Friday Sewing Sisters consisting of Judity D, Susan H, Sharon LeC, Susan L, Sue M, and Kathy T,

St James the Less Church,

Unitarian Universalist Church,

The Sewing Servants,

Houston Quilt Festival,

Quilters Emporium,

Prayers and Squares

Here are pictures of the quilts. Sorry they couldn’t all be individually taken but hopefully you can spot some of yours!

IMG_0886IMG_0887IMG_0888IMG_0889IMG_0890IMG_0891Donna S:Karen 1Donna S:Karen 2IMG_0856IMG_0857IMG_0858IMG_0859IMG_0862IMG_0863IMG_0864IMG_0865IMG_0866IMG_0867IMG_0868IMG_0869IMG_0870IMG_0871IMG_0872IMG_0873IMG_0874IMG_0875IMG_0876IMG_0877IMG_0878IMG_0879IMG_0880IMG_0881IMG_0882IMG_0883IMG_0884Jan B 1Jan B 2Jan B 3Jan B 4Jan B 5Jan B 6Karen M 1Karen M 2Prayers and Squares 1Prayers and Squares 2Prayers and Squares 3

Someone also sent some handmade scarves, sweaters, hats and afghans.

Sweaters, hats and scarves

This label really touched my heart. Kids helping kids!

Kids label

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible. In an email from Marsha M, the coordinator in AZ who will be delivering the quilts, she said, “Your quilts make life perfect and wonderful!” You are making such a big difference!




One Response to “The Forgotten People of Bennett Freeze Initiative was a smashing success!”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    You did a wonderful job – you processed an incredible number of adorable quilts! I hope each and every recipient feels special. Thanks for all of the photos.
    Kathy T. in Tampa

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