Quilt Delivery to the Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation

Wow! When we put out a plea to help us collect 100 quilts for the Forgotten People of the Navajo Nation by Christmas, you delivered. We were able to send more than 100 quilts for distribution. If you remember, many of these Navajo do not have heat in their homes, so quilts were desperately needed for the elderly and children.

Our Regional Coordinator, Sandi, who coordinated this delivery had posted several pictures of quilts that were sent for distribution. You can read about those photos from her December 22nd post on the blog. The following quilts were also sent for distribution to the Forgotten People. The quilts were made by the Prayers and Squares Quilting Group, Simsbury United Methodist Church, Simsbury, CT; Donna Sciandra, Karen Matheson and Carol T. If you hover over the pictures, you can see who made the quilts.

CarolT_KarenM  DonnaS_KarenM  KarenM  Prayers&Squares  Prayers&Squares2  Prayers&Squares3  Prayers&Squares4 Prayers&Squares5  Prayers&Squares6  Prayers&Squares7  Prayers&Squares8
Right before Christmas, Marsha Monestersky delivered the quilts to the Navajo and sent pictures from the delivery. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. You will see many new moms and grandmothers receiving quilts for their children. Marsha also sent us this note.

Please find attached some photos of quilts we distributed that went far and wide on the Navajo Nation to children, grandchildren and the elderly

You are incredible and your quilts are amazing
We will be giving out more quilts at Senior Citizens Centers and am thrilled to see how happy the people are to receive your incredible original quilts-artwork

Your quilts make the people feel loved.
Have a Blessed New Year and Thank you!!!! Marsha

Another new mom holding quilt  Begay grandchild w handmade sweater 1  Bessie Wilson w Quilts  Blackrock grandchild w quilts 2  Duane Blackrock w quilts  Glenna grandaughter getting quilts  Gloria Babbitt w quilt 2  Gloria Babbitt w quilt  Jerena Chaat w quilts 1  Jerena Chaat w quilts  Jerry Lane & Duane Blackrock  Jimmy & Arlene Lane w quilts  Martin w quilt  Mary B Maloney w quilt  Mary Babbit Maloney w quilt  Mary Lane w quilt 2  Mary Lane w quilts 2  Mary Rose Kee w Quilts  ???????????????????????????????  New dad Harry holding baby and quilt  New mom holding quilt 2  New mom holding quilt  New moms holding quilts  Quilt for giveaway  Rena B Lane & Jerry Lane w quiltse  Rena B Lane w Beulah Begay w Quilts  Renae new mom holding quilt  Sarah Blackrock w quilts  Sarah Slim w quilts 1  Verna Clinton with quilt  Vicky Begay w Quilts

Thanks again everyone!


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