Confessions of a Regional Coordinator

Here I am in front of a quilt I didn’t make! But this quilt holds a significant place in my QBB life.  It is the 200th quilt that has crossed my path for some measure of preparation since I became a QBB Regional Coordinator, exactly one year ago this month.  This top was pieced by the Quilting for Christ Ministry from the Hurst Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas. I unloaded it from Lucy, aka my long-arm, last night, hung it up on the design wall for its blog picture, checked my log book and realized it was a sweet, milestone moment in my journey with QBB.


Here’s a chuckle for you. Recently I got backlogged in my picture taking for blog pictures which meant I had about 30 quilts in the queue waiting to be photographed. You should know that I have a reputation for frequent, mostly unnecessary redecorating around the house. Usually I just rearrange little stuff like pictures and pillows; occasionally I also move furniture.   I read somewhere that you forget to look at your stuff unless you move it around.  (Try it, it feels like you bought new things when you really have just reshuffled everything.)  Anyway, it was definitely time to take blog pictures of these 30 quilts. So I spent the morning climbing up my little stool, pinning one quilt to the wall, climbing down, taking the picture, climbing back up, removing that quilt…and repeating – 30 times! My husband, whom I thought was paying no attention, finally looked up from his computer and asked, “Haven’t you found ONE you like YET?” 

JoyceGoldberg    JanBennett_KarenM    FrancesFink2   FrancesFink

I, like you, have a passion (obsession?!) for quilting. Was signing on to be a QBB Regional Coordinator going to be like the guy who loves to cook, opens a restaurant and then never gets to cook? Happily, no. In fact, after so many years of making quilts for my family (you KNOW that look -“ MOM? I already have 45 quilts, what am I going to do with THIS one??”), sewingwith a new purpose, a new outreach, has become a bright spot in my life.  All the children who receive our quilts receive a work of art that started like the painter’s blank canvas – from nothing. Fabric is solicited, donated, cut, organized, kitted-up and distributed.  Fabric squares become pieced tops. Pieced tops become quilts. Quilts become precious gifts.  Coordinators coordinate. Of course. We coordinate the effort under the watchful, enthusiastic and capable eye of our leader, Carla. We are organizers and cheerleaders for the program. We certainly get to sew and quilt. We are a team who usually only know each other through email.  We continue to hope opportunities to go to IQF in Houston and to travel as a QBB representative on delivery trips to the children in the world will become reality.

We are QBB. I am QBB and I am fulfilled.

Karen Matheson
Northeast Regional Coordinator
Simsbury, Connecticut


One Response to “Confessions of a Regional Coordinator”

  1. sallyinwa Says:

    Congrats on #200, Karen. Enjoyed this post.

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