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And the quilts keep coming and going!

June 30, 2015

I received these little darlings throughout the month of June (where has the time gone? Before you know it, it’ll be October and time for IQF again and another Fat Quarter Challenge!!):

Cheryl Fitzgerald, Claudia Swee Meridy Pyer, Laura Savage Quilting for Christ, Judy Cabot Donna Sciandra, Judy Cabot Pat Ferguson

We’d like to thank Claudia Swee, Cheryl Fitzgerald, Donna Sciandra, Judy Cabot’s longarm skills, the Quilting for Christ Ministry, Meridy Pyer and Laura Savage for the little lovelies.  They’ll be going on their way to bring joy and comfort to children all over the world as I will soon be sending a shipment to the Salaam Cultural Museum.  If you go through the archives, it will warm your heart to see these dear, sweet children hugging their very own quilts close. It helps me stay motivated, I’ll tell ya that! 🙂

The winner of this month’s drawing for that $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop is Charlotte Kieliszek, whose quilt was featured in last month’s blog post. Congratulations, Charlotte! It will be on it’s way to your inbox shortly.

Thank you again to all of you for your generous donations. Quilters are the most generous and compassionate group of people anywhere and it’s a privilege to work with you!




Fat Quarter Challenge for May

June 1, 2015

Hello everyone!  It has been so wonderful to go to the mailbox and see all the wonderful quilts you have sent. With close to 700 quilts still needed before November, these completed quilts are a godsend for us as they enable us to quickly send them on to various initiatives.  This month I received two FQC quilts, one from Charlotte Kieliszek and also Erin O’Neal pictured below:

Charlotte Kieliszek, Erin O'Neal

For those of you who haven’t sent them in yet, there’s still time PLUS you’ll be entered to win in the monthly drawing EVERY MONTH after it’s received. The winner of this month’s drawing is Edith Shanholt! Edith, if you could please email us, we’ll get the gift certificate on it’s way.

I’ve also received these beauties:

Maria Hamilton, Brenda Lou Scott, Sandi Watters, Sandia Quilters Carolyn Sower, Maria Hamilton, Della Burwell, Sandi Watters, Deb Jackson Debi Jackson Debi Jackson, Mary Kolpack, Maria Hamilton, Della Burwell, Sandi Watters Donna Sciandra, Della Burwell, Maria Hamilton, Brenda Scott, Sandi Watters Maria Hamilton, Della Burwell, Sandi Watters

Let’s give a shout out to the following piecers and quilters:

Maria Hamilton, Brenda Lou Scott, Della Burwell, Sandia Quilters of Albuquerque, NM, Carolyn Sowers, Debi Jackson, Mary Kolpack and Donna Sciandra.  They have really been busy lately and I know these will bring love and comfort to the children.

Again, thanks to all of you! The need is so great. What a special gift you all have and you’re so willing to give so freely. I know the children cherish their quilts and I hope you can feel their joy by looking at their happy faces.