Beautiful Quilts from Helen, Joann, Barbara and Sue

Today we’re featuring some pictures of wonderful quilts we received in May from four talented quilters, Helen Baczynski, Joann Sagar, Barbara Hofmann and Sue Joos.  Hover your cursor over the thumbnail picture to see the names of the quilter and piecer, and click on it to see a larger view.

Barbara Hofmann in Wisconsin is the longarmer who completed this quilt for us. The top was made for us by a piecer who picked up one of our kits at the IQF in Houston, but unfortunately the name of the piecer was somehow separated from the quilt along the way, so if you recognize the top, please let me know so I can properly attribute it.  I really enjoy the progression of colors as your eye travels from the top left to the bottom right of the quilt!

Barbara H

Helen Baczynski brought these beautiful quilts to me when we both attended the Machine Quilting Show in Cedar Rapids in May.  Helen is an award-winning quilter who teaches IntelliQuilter classes, and somehow finds time to make beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders and other charities!   They’re all beautifully pieced and quilted, and all different.  Enjoy!

Helen B - 1 Helen B - 2 Helen B - 3

Helen B - 4 Helen B - 5 Helen B - 6

Helen B - 7 Helen B - 8 Helen B - 9

Helen B - 10 Helen B - 11

The next 6 quilts were all sent to me by Joann Sagar of Nebraska.  Joann is a member of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild, which has sent us many beautiful quilts over the last few years — and always rallied to the cause whenever we had last minute requests we didn’t think we’d be able to fulfill!   Joann made the strip-pieced quilts, and the green quilt with the rail-fence blocks was made by her friend M. McSpadden, specifically in the colors of the Syrian flag to be given to a Syrian refugee child.  These quilts will all be going to Jordan for Syrian refugee children, and I know they will love them all!

Joann S - 3 Joann s - 4 Joann S - 5

Joanne S - 1 Jooann S - 2 M. McSpadden

The last four quilts were longarmed by Sue Joos of Wisconsin.  The “New York-New York” top was pieced by “frequent-piecer” Donna Sciandra who has made over 300 (300!!) tops and quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders since she started working with us.  The second quilt top was made by Jill of St. James the Less Episcopal Church in Northfield, IL.  The last two quilt tops were made by Quilting for Christ, First Baptist Church of Hurst, Texas.  It’s always so much fun to open a box of quilts like this, because they’re all so different!

 Sue J - Donna S Sue J - Jill Sue J - Qtg for Christ - 1Sue J - Qltg for Christ  2

Ladies, thank you all for these beautiful quilts!  Some of them have already gone to Jordan, others will be headed that way shortly, and a couple will be kept for other initiatives coming up later in the year.  They are all wonderful, and we appreciate them so much!  I know, wherever they go, the children who receive them  will cherish them!



Note:  This post has been edited to correct the attribution of a couple of the quilts.  Also, to correctly describe the number of quilts and tops Donna Sciandra has made for Quilts Beyond Borders –over 300!  The woman is a machine!  Donna, you rock!!


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