Quilt Deliveries in Haiti — Last month, and Christmas 2014

Today on our blog we’re featuring two quilt deliveries that took place in Haiti. These were delivered by Jennifer Spills-Davis, a friend of one of our Regional Coordinators in Texas, Nancy Alderman.

Let’s start with pictures of the most recent deliveries, which took place last month.  The quilts were delivered to children at two small orphanages, Joel Eugene’s Orphanage and Orphanage Jesus’ Name.  The children at both orphanages were obviously very pleased to receive these beautiful quilts.  Please hover your cursor over the pictures to see which pictures came from which orphanage.


 Joel Eugenes Orphanage - June 2015 Joel Eugenes Orphanage2- June 2015 Orphanage Jesus Name 2 Orphanage Jesus Name 1   Christmas in Haiti

The earlier delivery was done at Christmas time, 2014.   Before I show the pictures, I’d like to share what Jen wrote about her efforts and experience in Haiti:

In the summer of 2012, The Spills-Davis family took our first trip to Haiti and immediately fell in love with the children.  Each time we return, we fall deeper and deeper in love and have developed friendships and partnerships with those in Haiti that are dedicated to improving the lives of these children, by providing shelter, food, education and a CHRIST centered home for these children.  Foyer Jardin de L’avenir School and Orphanage is a Ministry started by the Guillaume family, a Haitian husband and wife team with 5 children of their own, who have taken in 16 additional children near Bon Repos, Haiti.  The Guillaume’s provide basic shelter for these children, but need DAILY help with food, water, clothing, education expenses, medical care and other basic needs. My family has made a commitment to love, pray for and help support these children.  We call them our “Sweet Sixteen”.

The Spills-Davis family lives in Austin, Texas and have visited Haiti several times to share our love and our lives with the children.  Jennifer is a Registered Nurse and provides medical care when in Haiti.  Derrek loves to tackle construction projects and spending quality time with the children at the orphanages.  Bella is a high school student with a heart for Mission work and the children in Haiti.  Together, we share the fruits of the spirit with the children in Haiti.  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. Gal 5:22

In 2014, we were able to provide the following support to the orphanage:

  • Mattresses for each child in our “Bed for Every Head” project
  • Twin sheet sets for each bed
  • School supplies and books for the 16 children
  • Worked with Soles4Souls and passed out shoes to each child in July​
  • Health care screenings and medical care in July and December
  • Painted the girls dorm room and three classrooms at the school (Bella painted bible verses and art on the walls, too)
  • Shelving and storage bins for the children’s belongings
  • Curtains for the girls dorm
  • Clothing, socks, underwear for each child
  • Hygiene supplies including tooth brushes, combs, hair accessories, lotions, soaps
  • School shoes for each child in the fall
  • Christmas gifts for the children on Christmas Day

When my friend Nancy Alderman heard about our ministry, she shared our story with Quilts Beyond Borders.  We were thrilled to deliver and personally give a handmade quilt to each child at the orphanage on Christmas Day!  The children were so happy to have a special quilt of their own.  This was the first year these children had ever received Christmas gifts.  They were full of excitement and wonder as they opened the gifts we brought with us.  Our hearts were so full of love and joy on Christmas Day, knowing that we were able to share the true meaning of Christmas with these children as well as our own children, as they gave the children gifts instead of receiving wrapped gifts under a tree this year.  The gift we got in return this year was JOY, PEACE and LOVE.

Thank you QBB for being a part of our CHRISTmas in Haiti this year.

For more info about the Foyer Jardin de L’avenir School and Orphanage and the work that the Spills-Davis family has done there, go to this link:  http://love4haiti.wix.com/love4haiti

Here are the pictures of the children with their quilts — Enjoy!

885536_10154996940680704_4875448225484872375_o 1973849_10154996941520704_7695355818532115242_o 10497319_10154996943075704_6305995145729105598_o 10704387_10154996941335704_2222881504955429507_o 10830720_10154996941165704_3901357222493818554_o 10830867_10154996943005704_1486239656802161826_o 10848813_10154996942715704_4039993971501532745_o 10848884_10154996941000704_3745562213765655876_o 10848983_10154996940670704_6426672134741081490_o 10860974_10154996940690704_6751281613329727985_o 10862476_10154996942010704_8267636126937927514_o 10862567_10154996941320704_688455854146343621_o 10869845_10154996940910704_6440530163970802039_o 10887646_10154996941655704_5557172749497511715_o 10900012_10154996943165704_873033224978257200_o 10900144_10154996940895704_6081884089286448492_o Guillaume Orphanage

Great thanks to Jen for delivering all of these quilts to the children, and to Nancy for bringing this opportunity to us!  And great thanks to all the wonderful quilters who made these quilts and put those smiles on the faces of those beautiful children!




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