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Quilts from Joy McAuley, Barb Peterson, Dena Graham, Kay Baker, Kay McKinnon & Quilts for Christ Ministry

September 19, 2015

As Carla mentioned in her last post, the older you get, the quicker the time flies. Well I really must apologize to these women because I meant to post this blog back in May and somewhere along the way, months flew by and we’re already into the fall. Most of these quilts have already been sent to the Salaam Cultural Center for the Syrian refugee children in Jordan and a few of them will either be going to Guatemala or to the Navajo of Bennet Freeze.

Our first set of quilts are from Joy McAuley. She has not only been quilting and piecing for us, but also donates lots of fabric to make backings and more quilts. Joy, I love your choice of colors and how the colors are so bright.  Joy quilted 4 of these and I quilted the other 3.

JoyMcAuley (1) JoyMcAuley_Tina(3) JoyMcAuley_Tina (2) JoyMcAuley_Tina (1) JoyMcAuley (4) JoyMcAuley (3) JoyMcAuley (2)

The last set of quilts are from Barb Peterson/Dena Graham, Kay Baker, Kay McKinnon and 2 from Quilts for Christ Ministry. The quilts are lovely and we do appreciate your work.

BarbPeterson_DenaGraham KayBaker KayMckinnon QuiltforChristMinistry_KarenM QuiltforChristMinistry2_karenM

Thanks everyone. You have made a child smile somewhere.



Quilts from NILAG, Melissa Snyder, Sue Joos, Rebecca Walker, & Carol Egan

September 16, 2015

My father used to tell me that the older you get the faster time flies. Well, in that case, I guess I’m getting really old, because the last 6 weeks have just flown by! After attending AQS shows in Syracuse (where I spent time with good friends and had a wonderful time) and Grand Rapids (which was also a wonderful show), I came home and everything just got away from me! While I was off in Syracuse, my friend Debbie Weber was kind enough to pick up quilts that had been finished up by the generous and talented members of the Northern Illinois Longarm Guild (NILAG). Also, I received quilts from several other quilters in other states, including Melissa Snyder, Sue Joos and Rebecca Walker, and I took some time to finish up a couple of tops that Carol Egan from the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild sent us.

So, for your viewing pleasure, we have a colorful display of lovely quilts. Most of them are attributed to both the quilter and piecer (where they are different people), but some of them became separated from their labels somewhere along the way, so if you see anything that you recognize that we attributed incorrectly, please let us know so we can correct the attribution. To see the attribution, hover your cursor over thumbnail, and to see a close-up of the quilt, please click on the thumbnail.

First, quilts from NILAG. Some of these were tops kitted up with backing and batting, mostly received from piecers at the IQF. A few were quilted by the piecer, but because the orphanages and places where these quilts are sent often have very tough laundry conditions, we asked the NILAG members to add some of their magic to the quilts to ensure they would be rugged enough to withstand the toughest of conditions. And several of these quilts were both pieced and quilted by these great ladies! NILAG quilters who quilted these quilts included Carol Paxton, Judith White, Sally S., Nancy Sturgeon, Erica B, and another quilter who remains anonymous.  Piecers included Jill, Betsy, Linda, Meredith, and Susie (all from the quilters of the Episcopal Church of Saint James the Less in Northfield, IL) and Quilting for Christ from the First Baptist Church of Hurst, Texas.

Carol P & Betsy Carol P & Meredith SJL Carol P Carol P2 Erica B Jill - SJL (2) Jill - SJL Jill - SJL-001 Judith W & Q4Christ Nancy S & Q4ChristSally S & Sally Susie - SJLUnkSally S - Linda SJL Nancy SSally S & Jill - SJL

Next are quilts by Melissa Snyder.  Piecers include Quilting for Christ, Linda Cadzow, and Jill from St. James the Less.

Melissa S & Jill of SJL Melissa S & Linda C Melissa S & Q4Christ Melissa S & Q4Christ2 Melissa S

The following quilts were made by Sue Joos:

Sue J Sue J2 Sue J3 Sue J4

These quilts were quilted by Rebecca Walker.  Rebecca’s signature on all the quilts she makes is the fuchsia and black square that is different from the rest of the squares in the quilt.

Rebecca Walker 1 Rebecca Walker 2

The final two quilts were made by Carol Egan and quilted by me.

Carol E - Carla T 2 Carol E - Carla T

Ladies, thank you all very much for creating these beautiful quilts!  Some of these will be headed in the immediate future to Salaam Cultural Museum in Seattle where they will packed into containers and taken to Jordan to be given to Syrian refugee children in trauma centers.  The remainder are likely headed to either Guatemala to a Downs Syndrome school, or they will be headed to the Forgotten Navajo People of the Bennett Freeze area.  I know the children who receive them will treasure them for their warmth and beauty!




Fat Quarter Challenge August 2015

September 1, 2015

August  brought some beautiful quilts for children.  These two were made by Valerie Burgess and Leesa Pierce as a team and Beverley Enright did the fun spinning wheels.

Valerie Burgess_Leesa Pierce

This star quilt was made by Susan Sassic.  This was her first quilt!  Good job Susan.

Susan Sassic FQC
The pretty purple and green quilt was made by Rachel Clemence.   Marilyn Lichtenstein FQC The pink and gray quilt was made by Nancy.  Nice work.


Debi Jackson made one of these three wonderful quilts and Linda Cadzow made the other two.Debi Jackson, Linda Cadzow 2   Two of these lovely quilts were made by Debi Jackson and the third by Della Burwell with fabric donated by Brenda Scott.

Debi Jackson 2, Brenda Scott

The green and yellow stair step design quilt was made by Barbara.  Barbara FQCFour patches in blue and aqua make a pretty design, thanks to Judy Mills.
Judy Mills

Thank you to all the quilters who participated in the Fat Quarter Challenge this month.  The winner of the drawing is Marilyn Hamilton!  Congratulations, Marilyn!

Next month we draw the name for the year!  Who will it be?  It could be any of you who made a quilt for the Fat Quarter Challenge.  Good luck!