Quilts from Joy McAuley, Barb Peterson, Dena Graham, Kay Baker, Kay McKinnon & Quilts for Christ Ministry

As Carla mentioned in her last post, the older you get, the quicker the time flies. Well I really must apologize to these women because I meant to post this blog back in May and somewhere along the way, months flew by and we’re already into the fall. Most of these quilts have already been sent to the Salaam Cultural Center for the Syrian refugee children in Jordan and a few of them will either be going to Guatemala or to the Navajo of Bennet Freeze.

Our first set of quilts are from Joy McAuley. She has not only been quilting and piecing for us, but also donates lots of fabric to make backings and more quilts. Joy, I love your choice of colors and how the colors are so bright.  Joy quilted 4 of these and I quilted the other 3.

JoyMcAuley (1) JoyMcAuley_Tina(3) JoyMcAuley_Tina (2) JoyMcAuley_Tina (1) JoyMcAuley (4) JoyMcAuley (3) JoyMcAuley (2)

The last set of quilts are from Barb Peterson/Dena Graham, Kay Baker, Kay McKinnon and 2 from Quilts for Christ Ministry. The quilts are lovely and we do appreciate your work.

BarbPeterson_DenaGraham KayBaker KayMckinnon QuiltforChristMinistry_KarenM QuiltforChristMinistry2_karenM

Thanks everyone. You have made a child smile somewhere.



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