2015, What a Year We Had!

Well we’ve all been busy and this blog post is late, but I promise, it’s a good one! I want to tell you about how we ended with our commitments during 2015 and also share some pictures of quilts that have been sent and received.
Let’s first talk about some of the quilts that were sent last year. Most of these quilts below went to Syrian refugee children in Jordan and to the Navajo of Bennet Freeze. I want to thank Joy McAuley for piecing and Linda Brammer for machine quilting these tops.

The second set of photos are quilts that have been delivered to the Downs Syndrome School in Guatemala. The smiles on the faces of these children should convince you that your quilts are cherished.

We do ask that the organization that makes the delivery try to take pictures of the children with the quilts. Many times this is easier said than done. There are times that the receiving organization will not allow the children to be photographed; other times it gets so hectic and photos are not taken. Please be assured that the quilts are going to the children, so you have no worries there. If you have Facebook, we recently shared some photos from the Salaam Cultural Museum (Syrian refugee children) and pictures of some of the Navajo. Do not worry though, we will also do a blog post with these pictures if you don’t have Facebook.


Last year we had been asked to commit over 1100 quilts and we were able to deliver nearly 1200 quilts! It just astonishes me the generosity of our volunteers. Here are the raw numbers, the first number was the target, the second number was what we committed, and the third number was what we sent.

Salaam Cultural Museumtrauma centers & refugee camps, Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza:  480 / 578 / 571
Downs Sydrome School – Guatemala:   120 / 120 / 148
Micro Orphanage Haiti:  20 / 20 / 25
Christ the Center Ministries Primary and Nursery School – Uganda:         168 / 150 / 168
Forgotten People – Bennett Freeze:  200 / 200 / 215
Peruvian Orphanage:  60 / 60  / 35 (note group could only take 35)
Pathfinders in South Dakota:  14
TOTAL  1176 sent

Finally, without you, our volunteers, there is no way we could provide the amount of quilts that we do to children throughout the world. Thank you so much.
Regards, Tina


One Response to “2015, What a Year We Had!”

  1. Karen quire Says:

    Hi, my name is Karen quire and I have started a ladies quilting group in my home for fun and fellowship and would like to know more about quilts beyond borders so we could possibly donate the quilts that we make. Please let me know the details,. In Christ, Karen Quire

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