Do Quilts Really Flirt?

“Hey there, cute one. Have I met you before? You are looking particularly beautiful.  Moda prints, right!?”

“Yes!” And you have to be Kona. Mmmm, love those dark and dusky cotton colors. I don’t think we have met. Where have you been hanging out?”


“Oh man, if you only knew. All this travel, cooped up in tight boxes with so many others. And it was worse before I even started traveling. Originally I am from Australia, the product of many poor rejected pieces of plain old fabric, tossed in a box in a closet somewhere in The Outback.  Have you heard about The Outback? It’s really out there. But fortunately people who have to work hard to make a living still have big hearts for helping those even less fortunate. Eventually I was pieced together, after having my parts (oh, sorry, didn’t mean to sound so off-color) exhumed from that forlorn box, and sewn into a quilt top destined for an organization called Quilts Beyond Borders.”

“Really? Quilts Beyond Borders, did you say? You aren’t even going to believe this, but I, too have a label attached to me that says those very words! Are you SURE we haven’t met?”

“Honey, you are so darn pretty with all those pretty pink flowered prints, I would have remembered you! And I would probably have fallen in love with you, too, as some little girl is going to do when she gets you for her very own.  I assume you have been traveling, too, sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Kona, I have really been around. Oh gosh, I didn’t mean that to sound the way it did. I am really NOT that kind of girl…..But, yes, like you, I started out as a bunch of rejected, uneven, unmatched flowery pieces of fabric. Eventually a very talented lady in Buffalo, New York in the USA (do you know where that is? Not close to The Outback at all!  In fact, Buffalo is on the other side of the world from The Outback!) Anyway, this talented lady is very dedicated to Quilts Beyond Borders and makes all kinds of quilt tops out of us rejected scraps. Scraps, ugh.  Isn’t that an awful word? I prefer to think I was created from little beauties-in-waiting.”

“I travelled as a little quilt top from this lady’s studio in Buffalo to another place in the United States called Connecticut where I was fixed-up – oh gosh, there I go again, with some fancy quilting stuff, folded back up, packed in another box with others just like me, and shipped off, yet again to a place called Massachusetts. In Massachusetts I was stretched from stem to stern on a monstrous machine. Geez, I hated that machine! Wasn’t it in the olden days that people stretched the bad guys on monstrous machines as a form of punishment? Well, anyway, I survived that ordeal, and turned out to be just fine, in fact, quite beautiful, I’m told, in the end.”

“But you are right, I wasn’t close to being done with all this traveling yet. This time I was jammed in a box with so many others like me to what I thought was my final destination.  But, to my chagrin, I ended up back at the house in Connecticut where I just laid there, folded on a shelf (where no one could appreciate my beauty or genuine warmth) waiting to hear about my next stop. I was not happy about that. It seemed to me it was about time for me to arrive in a child’s arms, as I had been promised so long ago.”

“I hear you. Wow, you know what, I think we really might have met a long time ago because I, too, spent some time at that house in Connecticut. I got sent from Australia to Connecticut and then, you are not going to believe this, I went to Canada for a while – and ended up stretched out on one of those monster machines! I agree – ouch!! But it did me a world of good. Like people getting face lifts, I suppose, quilts don’t look right until they get all that Work done….The Connecticut lady thought it was so cool that she was the intermediary between Australia and Canada. Big deal, I thought. Let’s get on with this.”

“Right, my friend, and so now, after all that, here we are, finally meeting, stuffed in a box, very close together. Mmm, this is so romantic. Doesn’t get much cozier than this. We both look pretty spiffy, too. I’m so glad I don’t look a wreck now that I have met you.”
“This IS fun, but I am really excited to think about the end of this trip because I think, at last we will be in the arms of a couple of little children. And I think you and I might be together – forever. Do you think we could get cots next to one another? Let’s see if we can work that out.”
Karen Matheson
Northeast Regional Coordinator
Connecticut/Rhode Island

3 Responses to “Do Quilts Really Flirt?”

  1. Diane Says:

    How funny! Now I do believe quilts could flirt….

  2. Luann Says:

    Please, oh please, oh please,,,
    May I copy this post and share it with our quilt guild? Our current president and her husband are both members, and I think having them wrapped in quilts, with their backs to us, and then they would read the parts, would bring people to understand that the real love of quilting happens, when we share.

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