FQ Challenge Winner Feb & Some More Eye Candy

I don’t know about you, but this year has raced by and yet I can’t seem to get my act together. This post is late, but do not think we don’t appreciate the work of our volunteers because we do.

So without further ado, let me talk about the February FQ Challenge quilts that were received and who the winner was. This month we received quilts from Marge Mongan (Rockton, IL) and also Maria Plott. Marge picked up 2 fat quarters from our booth in Houston last fall and returned those 2 quilts in addition to an extra. It’s nice how the quilts multiply. It also happened that Marge won the contest in February. And remember, once you have submitted a quilt for the FQ Challenge you are entered in the subsequent months entries for the year.  We also want to thank Maria Plott  (Madison, NC) for the beautiful quilt she submitted.

Also below are quilts given to us by Audrey Murphey, Sandy Morawski (Bloomfield, CT), Julie Stump (Delmar, NJ), Betty Thomas and Donna Yates (Union, KY).  Thank you so much.  These quilts will most likely be traveling to Ethiopia or to the Syrian refugees in Jordan.

If you click on the individual photos, the name the quilter will appear in the large photo once you’ve clicked it.

Thanks everyone!  You have helped us make the lives of children feel loved.

Regards, Tina


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