Quilts for Orphan Outreach from Dec2015 and March 2016 FQ Challenge

Due to some technical difficulties with blogger, we have been having problems posting photos, etc.  However, we are working through these issues and will start posting more photos from prior deliveries.  With that said, here are some beautiful quilts that were sent to Guatemala.  First I would like to mention the piecers and quilters that donated their time and love to work on these quilts.  (Some do not have the full names listed because they were not listed on the quilt label or information from the box it was shipped in.)

Piecer’s:  Theola Breaux, Shelley North, Katherine Markle, Cheryl M., Mary H., Audrey Murphy, Betty Cunningham, Sherry Brooks, Kim Bennett, Falecia Bruton, Connie Harrison, Nancy Miller & Ann D.

Quilters:  Jean Clarkson, Hollie McNeely, Rheta Grove, Melodie Bachelder, Jeannie R.

Pieced and Quilted:  Alice Bott, Joyce McCorquodale, Ruth O. & Christ Ministries, Judy Wood & No Strings Attached, Tammy S. & The Sunshine Quilt Guild

All of these quilts are absolutely lovely and we know the children that received them will love them.

Now for the March Fat Quarter Challenge, the winner for March is Martha Drabiski of Elkton, FL.  Congratulations on winning the $25 gift certificate from the FQ Shop.  We also received quilts from Trudy Pickle, Austin; Kay McKinnon, MI; and Deb Heen, ND.  There are times where we need quilts quickly and they are immediately sent to the children.  So unfortunately, we do not have photos of Deb’s or Trudy’s quilts, but trust that the children are already loving them.  And some of the quilters that submitted FQ challenge quilts also sent some extras, always a nice surprise for us.  Here are some quilts from the March entries.

Just a reminder that if you submit a FQ Challenge quilt, you will be entered in the successive month’s contest until we end it for this year.  So if you entered in March and didn’t win, don’t worry, you still have a chance to win each month through September of this year.

Thanks everyone for creating these lovely quilts that will become a cherished gift for a child.

Cheers, Tina



One Response to “Quilts for Orphan Outreach from Dec2015 and March 2016 FQ Challenge”

  1. knitnkwilt Says:

    Seeing all the pretty quilts always makes me want to make more!

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