Quilt Your Heart Out Podcast & More Photos

Probably two months ago, one of our Regional Coordinators, Susan Schmidt ran into Mary Fons and told her about Quilts Beyond Borders.  Well Mary was very excited about our organization and she and her mother, Marianne, will give us a shout out on their podcast tomorrow, April 14th.  Here’s a bit from Mary’s letter to us:

“If you’re not familiar, the QYHO podcast is new and is hosted by me and my mom, Marianne Fons. It’s a call-in advice show for quilters and each week we feature a “social media shoutout.” You’re our “social media shoutout” on the April 14th show! We told our listeners (many thousands already) about QBB’s mission and directed people to your website/blog (via ours, quiltyourheartout.com) simply in hopes they’ll be as interested and inspired as I was when I learned about your work.”

So please visit their site www.quiltyourheartout.com  and you will be able to send in questions and listen to their podcast.

Recently I had the chance to quilt some quilts from one of our prolific quilters, Joy McAuley, from MD.  I am always amazed how people can put together scrap quilts cause I have the hardest time doing that.  As you can see, Joy, took lots of fabric pieces to make the squares.  Two of these larger quilts will be headed to Syrian Refugee children and the rest will be going to Ethiopia.  Can you tell it was a windy day while photographing these?


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