The Quilts are Blooming!

Finally here in Maryland, the weather is beginning to look and act like spring.  It’s so nice to be able to take pictures of quilts outside.  Today we have a beautiful bouquet of quilts.  Most of these will be going to Ethiopia this fall.

When you scroll over the pictures you can see the names of the volunteers involved.  The quilts from Katy Sweigart (MI) and Melissa Snyder (IN) did not have piecers’ names on the labels on the back of them so we are assuming that they pieced and quilted the quilts themselves or they received the quilts from us with no labels with piecers’ names included.  Sometimes identifications get separated from the tops if we’re getting a lot at once (like we do at the Houston IQF) and sometimes the piecers just don’t identify themselves to us. Please let us know if you know who pieced these, so we can give credit where credit is due!   Also featured is a quilt from Barbara Baker (MI) and two pieced by Barbara Peterson (NYC) and quilted by me.

A quick note about labels on the quilts.  We ask that you could provide labels on the back of the tops and quilts for a few reasons.  First we like the children to know that a specific person(s) made the quilt for them;  we also leave a space for the child’s name to be written on it.  Many times these quilts are their sole possession, besides the clothes they have, so being able to have their quilt marked just for them is important.  Also, it helps the Regional Coordinators if a label is already attached to the quilt and saves us some time.

The labels can be as simple as a piece of muslin (the one below is about 3×5 inches) and written with the information using a permanent ink pen such as a sharpie or you can use a printer.  Here are pictures of some labels.  Just remember that the labels need to be machine stitched onto the quilt, please don’t be concerned about hiding that stitching; it’s more important for the label to be affixed permanently.

Thanks everyone for providing these quilts to make some children feel loved and warm.  We’re looking forward to a beautiful weekend and hope the same for you.

Cheers, Tina


One Response to “The Quilts are Blooming!”

  1. laurie524 Says:

    It’s great to see pictures of the quilts queuing up for Ethiopia. I also didn’t know that labels needed to be machine stitched on. That’s good information to have. I will probably machine stitch the label on the backing before layering the quilt…and then quilt through label and quilt. I usually do an all over stipple on the quilts I donate.

    Again, thanks for posting the pictures of the quilts. I don’t know about others, but I find it inspiring to see what other people are making/donating.


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