More Beautiful Quilts! For Syrian Refugees, and Orphans in India and Ethiopia

Today I’ll be featuring quilts that will be going to Ethiopia me in September, as well as some that have already headed to Syrian Refugees with Salaam Cultural Museum, as well as to India with Orphan Outreach (OO), an organization in Plano, Texas that works with orphans around the world.  We’ve provided quilts to OO for many years, which went to places like Russia, Romania, Guatemala, and India.  They’ve always got something wonderful going on.  For more information, see their website here:

First, please view these lovely quilts that our Regional Coordinator in North Carolina, Noreen Fling, packaged up and sent off with volunteers from Cherokee Gives Back.  They’re headed to Ethiopia, and will be among the ones I give out when I get to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  These were made by many wonderful quilters in Noreen’s area, and unfortunately I don’t have the names of them — but if you recognize your quilt in these pictures, let me know and I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due!  Thank you all!


The next group of pictures show quilts from Gail Hardy.  These have already left for SCM.  So bright and cheerful, I know they will brighten up the Syrian Refugee camp where they land, whether it’s in Jordan, Lebanon, or Greece.


The next group of quilts are from Georgia Goebel.   They will be heading to Ethiopia with me, I believe.  All were beautifully quilted by Georgia.  The first one was pieced by Jeanne, and the fourth one was pieced by one of our most prolific “toppers”, Audrey Murphy.

The next four adorable quilts are quilted by Sue Joos, and pieced by Theola Breaux, Donna Drost, and Kim Bell.  I believe these are all destined to go with OO for orphans in India.

The final two quilts are by Lorie Riopel, and are likely going to Ethiopia with me.  Very pretty!  (EDITED:  Earlier I identified these quilts as being sent by Lori Roelse.  Lori Roelse send me a note and set me straight.  My apologies for my mistake, Lorie Riopel!  These are lovely quilts, and I want to credit them correctly!  Thanks!)


To get a closer look at any of these quilts, click on them in the blog.  And to see who was responsible for each of them, hover your cursor over the thumbnail to see how they are named, because whenever we know, we will include the names of the quilters in the title of the photo.

Great thanks to all the wonderful quilters who created these lovely quilts for us!  I know the children who receive them will cherish them for their warmth, comfort and beauty!






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