Quilts for Syrian Refugees

A special thank you for the 57 “CUTE” baby quilts that came from the Northwest Regional Group! So many of you stepped up last minute to help us reach our  goal of 200 for the Salaam Cultural Museum’s Baby Box Project. Normally we do not ask for baby quilts because most of our quilts go to older children.  However, this was an unusual circumstance, and we thought we could help the SCM with their baby box project.  Rita from SCM said so many of the Syrian refugee women have given birth since leaving Syria.

We had 30 quilts made by Deleen Kompkoff, Quirky Quilters from Salem Oregon, Karen Okerstrom, and Susan Schmidt. We had 27 tops pieced by Theola Breaux, Dede Cranford, Leona Ross, Pat Johnston, Louise Bird, June Berry, Mary Kolpack, Karen Okerstrom, and Susan Schmidt. They were quilted by Delleen Kompkoff, Laural Hertel, Rhonda Adler, Tomme Fent, Mary Craft, Heidi Oliver, and Lloyd Clemens. Hover or click on each picture to see who made them.

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the 18 long arm quilters who help me so faithfully. They have quilted 111 quilts since the first of the year! The beautiful designs you do really make the quilts special. For everyone who has provided quilts and tops, I know they are made with love! I am blessed to have so many wonderful quilters help me through the first year of this job. In one year’s time our group of volunteers has sent out 226 quilts! I value the friendships I have made and your love for our children who get your beautiful quilts. Thank you for being a part of our group and promoting our program to others!

With a Grateful Heart!

Susan Schmidt    Northwest Regional Coordinator


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just precious!

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