Quilts from the Northern Illinois LongArm Guild

(NOTE:  This entry has been edited 8/4/2016 to identify quiltmakers that were unidentified or erroneously identified earlier.  I apologize for the errors, and I thank my traveling buddy, Julie Nash, for unpacking her bags packed for Ethiopia to check on labels and let me know!)

I’m a longarmer, and I’ve learned from my own experience that longarming can be a very lonely pursuit. We typically work on very large machines on very large frames in very isolated rooms, all by ourselves. So it’s absolutely wonderful that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the Northern Illinois LongArm Guild, NILAG, which has members from a lot of different places in the northern half of the state and meets every two months. At the meetings we normally have an educational speaker, we share tips & techniques, and we have “drag ‘n brag” to show some of the items we’ve done over the last couple of months. It’s a great group of talented and knowledgeable ladies, who very generously share their knowledge and experience, and also finish a lot of wonderful quilts for QBB and for Quilts of Valor.

Today I’m featuring some beautiful quilts finished by several of these very talented ladies.  I have to say that my fellow NILAG members deluge me with lovely finished quilts at every meeting.  Occasionally I get home and don’t know who finished which ones.  This time I have a few that I couldn’t figure out, and I may have attributed some of these to the wrong person, but if I’ve mis-identified your quilt, please let me know so I can correct it! (NOTE 8/4/2016 – since putting out this blog I’ve been informed of the identifications of the makers of several of these quilts, so notes throughout in italics will make those corrections and additions.)

The following quilts were quilted by Sandi Smith, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Mueller, Carol Paxton, Deb Connor, Marlene Kolz, Judith White, Tammy Marler, me, and there are a few where I need some help to identify the quilter.  (Addition –  some of these quilts were quilted by Jan Edleson and Jen Beatty).  Almost all of them were pieced by members of the St. James the Less Episcopal Church in Northbrook, a wonderful group of ladies that has provided hundreds of quilts and tops to us, almost from the very beginning of QBB!  To find out who created a specific quilt, and to get a closer look, please click on the quilt.

First, let me show you the ones that were quilted by Sandi Smith.  Piecers included Sarah, Jill, Betsy, Linda and Susan.  (Correction – the very first quilt was made by Linda and quilted by Tammy.)

The following quilts were completed by Tammy Marler.   Piecers were Jackie and Anita.


The next three quilts were pieced and quilted by Carol Paxton.  Carol and I are members of two guilds together, NILAG and the Pelican Piecemakers in Florida.  Carol knew I was trying hard to get enough quilts for a Baby Box initiative for Syrian Refugees in Greece, so she made these cute quilts to help me meet the requirements.


Next we have quilts from Nancy Mueller, pieced by Jackie, Linda, Bev and Jill.


And here are some quilts finished by Deb Connor.  Piecers include Anita and Jackie.


Marilyn Miller quilted the next quilts, pieced by Tammy, Jill and Anita.

Marlene Kolz quilted the next quilts.  Piecers were Jill, Sue and Nancy.

Judith White pieced and quilted this quilt:

Judith W-001

The following quilt was pieced by Carol Egan of the Sunshine Online Quilt Guild and quilted by  me:

Carol E & Carla T

The next quilt I brought home and then discovered I didn’t have a label for it and I wasn’t sure who’d quilted it.  If you did it, or you know who did, please let me know so I can attribute it correctly.  (Correction:  This quilt was made by Linda, quilted by Tammy.)


The next quilts were photographed by me and then sent immediately off to be included in a suitcase full of quilts being taken to needy children and orphans in Ethiopia.  I knew they’d been pieced by ladies of St. James the Less, and I knew they’d been quilted by NILAG members, but unfortunately the page where I had written the details on who created each quilt somehow ended up lost as I traveled to Florida.  So if you know who quilted or pieced these, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

(Correction – I have received identifications for these quilts.  Because they seem to change positions, between editing and appearing on the blog (yikes!!) I have described them rather than indicating their position on the page.) 

  • Teddy Bears and Sailboats:  Pieced by Jill, quilted by Jen;
  • Blue/Yellow/Orange rectangles with cats:  Pieced by Betsy, quilted by Jan;
  • Green with flowers and yellow inner borders:  Quilted by Nancy, pieced by Bev;
  • Peach, Coral and Dark Green rectangles:  Quilted by Jen, pieced by Michele;
  • Quilt with Trucks:  Quilted by Jen, pieced by Angel.

Ladies, thank you for making these lovely quilts!  I’m so glad I’m able to give credit where credit is due!)


Great thanks to all the wonderful piecers and quilters who made these wonderful quilts!  Many have gone to Jordan, or in containers to Greece for Syrian Refugees.  Others will be going to India, or will be traveling with me and others to Ethiopia in September.  Rest assured, wherever they end up, they will be greatly cherished by the children who receive them.






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