Baby Quilts for Baby Boxes


The majority of our quilts are provided to children to children that are in orphanages around the world, but occasionally we provide quilts to other efforts and sometimes those needs aren’t the “standard” size of 40-45″ wide by 48-60″ long . Earlier this year, one of those requests came from the Salaam Cultural Museum, who does an amazing amount of work to try and make the lives of Syrian refugees a little better and has provided hundreds of our quilts to children over the last 2 years.

This year they started a new effort to send baby boxes to refugee camps in Jordan and Greece. If you (like me!) have never heard of a “baby box”, it is a concept that started in Finland in the 1930s to help new mothers keep their new babies warm and have a place to sleep. It remarkably changed the infant mortality rate to make Finland one of the safest places in the world for newborns. The ideas has been adopted on several other continents, including the United States, and the contents of the box are modified for climates and cultural differences but the main goal is to provide all newborns with some of the basic necessities. You can read about one such effort in at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia here:                                                                                          
and one in London here

So, to assist with baby boxes for the Syrians in refugee camps, we have provided 200 quilts this year and one of our Regional Coordinators also put together an effort to provide 100 receiving blankets. I am fortunate enough to have a “secret weapon” in my “quilt posse”. Linda Roush sends me quilts every month, and she heard that we needed baby quilts so she suspended her work on the regular size quilts and sent these 6 beauties specifically for the babies. They are now at the Salaam Cultural Museum to be packed and sent to where they are needed. The baby boxes should arrive at their destination in the fall and just in time to keep babies warm in the coldest months of the year. Thank you, Linda, for helping us meet our goal!


If you would still like to help, you can send supplies directly the SCM by using their Wish List on Amazon. I sent some diapers and diaper pins since I can’t imagine being a mom without them!  Here’s the link:





One Response to “Baby Quilts for Baby Boxes”

  1. kristabake Says:

    Are you accepting receiving blankets? or quilts larger than the regular “standard” size of 40-45″ wide by 48-60″ long?

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