Quilts from the Northeast Region

It’s a collaborative effort of love and talent. The creation of these 20 quilts, which have become soft, cheerful ambassadors for orphans and refugees around the world takes many hands.  From as far away as Australia and Florida and as close as CT, New Jersey, Maine and Massachusetts piecers, quilters, binders, fabric cutters and fabric donors have worked together to make these particular quilts, now destined for the Syrian refugees being assisted by The Saalam Cultural Museum. The Northeast QBB Region is a prolific and talented bunch! It is with great joy that I continue as Northeast Regional Coordinator from my home in Rhode Island.

Since many of the quilts are a collaborative effort, you can identify the makers by the picture # associated with the photo.

Picture 1: Three quilts by Sheila Hughes

Picture 2: Two quilts by Jan Baker

Picture 3: Three quilts by Debbie Hendricks, one on the left is pieced by Quilting for Christ Ministry

Picture 4: Pieced by Marsha Johnson, and Quilting for Christ Ministry; quilted by Linda Dranchak and Fran Fink

Picture 5: Pieced by Karen Matheson, quilted by Fran Fink

Picture 6: All pieced by Kelly Chladill, quilted by Terri Desmond, Fran Fink and Linda Dranchak

Picture 7: Pieced by Hong Chang, quilted by Fran Fink and Linda Dranchak; baby blue quilt by Linda Dranchak

Cheers, Karen Matheson



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