Final FQC Winners

Well, it’s that time of year again, and as we prepare for our booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, we close out our Fat Quarter Challenge from the prior year.  We had two drawings the last day of September, one for the monthly drawing award, and one for our Grand Prize.

The winning entry for September’s drawing and a gift certificate for $25 at the Fat Quarter Shop is Nancy Moore of Loveland, Ohio.  Congratulations Nancy!  Enjoy shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop, on line.   Here’s a picture of Nancy’s lovely Fat Quarter Challenge Quilt:


The winner of our Grand Prize, a check for $100, is Nancy Eisenmenger of Houston, Texas.  Congratulations, Nancy!   A picture of Nancy’s wonderful Fat Quarter Quilt follows:


Clearly it must have been a great month to be a Nancy!  I know that the children who receive these beautiful quilts will love them!  They’re both delightful!

We received many other quilts in September.  Here are 9 from Lori Roelse, the last of which we will be selling in our booth in Houston.  When we sell a quilt in our booth we make money to pay for luggage fees to get quilts to children in Ethiopia, postage fees to get tops to longarmers, and for supplies such as backing fabric to finish quilts.  We have no paid staff, so all of our fundraising goes to getting more quilts to children, and we greatly appreciate it when talented quilters like Lori give us permission to sell a quilt they have donated to us!  Thanks, Lori!

The next group of quilts was given to me by the Northern Illinois Longarm Guild at the August meeting.  Contributors include quilters Carol Paxton, Anne Sinclair, Cindy Krelle, Marilyn Miller, Nancy Mueller Nancy Sturgeon, and Bev P.  Some of the quilt tops were created by Suzanne Lammi, and Sue and Anita from Saint James the Less Episcopal Church in Northfield, IL.   Hover your cursor over the image to see who the quiltmakers were, and click on it to get a larger view of the quilt.

The last group of quilts came from a variety of people across the US.  Contributors include:

  • Linda Mullins-Spirio
  • Linda Roush
  • Donna Crook-Jones
  • Annabelle Kimball (Note that the one titled “Annabelle K2” was pieced by Carol E, and the one titled “Annabelle K3” was pieced by Carol E using blocks made by her sister Kathleen P.)
  • Ada and Betty of the Helping Hands Ministry
  • Rose Herring
  • Jeanne Ayers (Note the one with the pink flowers, which will also be sold at the International Quilt Festival in Houston as a fundraiser.  Thank you, Jeanne!)
  • Marci R

Sometimes the labels get separated from the quilts when they are going through the process of being finished for giving to a child, so sometimes we don’t have the names of the piecers when we receive the quilts, ready and finished to provide to a child.  While many of these quilts were pieced by the longarmers who sent them to us, if you know of any where we’ve omitted the names of the piecers, please let us know so we can give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!

Great thanks to all of the talented piecers and longarmers who created all these beautiful quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders to provide to needy children and orphans around the world.  The children who receive these will love them for their warmth and beauty!    And congratulations to Nancy Moore and Nancy Eisenmenger for being our final 2015 International Quilt Festival Fat Quarter Challenge winners!  We hope we’ll see you at the show in Houston next month, and that you’ll participate again!






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