We Look Forward to Seeing You at Our Booth at the IQF in Houston!

With less than a month to go, we’re getting excited about our booth at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. We’ve got about 300 kits for making tops to give out to people who are interested in making quilts for us to give to needy children and orphans in countries all around the world, and we’re doing the Fat Quarter Challenge once again. Ann and I have also recently returned from Ethiopia, and we’ve brought some wonderful Ethiopian jewelry, scarves, baskets, carvings and other items that you might be interested in adding to your collections.  Here are a few of the things that you’ll see in the booth:

We’ve also received some wonderful quilts from quilters who have donated them to be sold for raising fund to help us get more quilts to more children. When we sell a single quilt at the IQF we normally bring in enough cash to:
• pay excess baggage fees to get 50 quilts to orphans in Ethiopia; OR
• pay for backing and binding for 15 quilts; OR
• pay for postage to get 50 quilt tops to longarmers so they can be finished.

Fundraisers are a crucial link in the QBB chain. If for some bizarre reason these quilts, that you have given permission for us to sell, do not sell,  we will be sure they arrive in the arms of one of the children.
Check out these beauties headed for Houston and the International Quilt Festival!  Hover your cursor over the photo to find out which quilts were made by which quilters, and click on the thumbnails for a closer look.
  • Turtles, pieced by Marsha Johnson from Florida, quilted by Terri Desmond from Massachusetts; Sisters Star made by Charlotte Kieliszek (this is one of two of the same pattern going to Houston). Charlotte now lives on Long Island. She is from Texas;
  • Two quilts, Kaffe Fassett prints and batiks made by Phyllis Wiebe, who lives in Canada;
  • Herringbone: one by Phyllis Wiebe.  One pieced by Hong Chang from Australia, quilted by Sandy Morawski from Florida;
  • Pink and green by Sandy Morawski. Radio Flyer intricate appliqué by Mary Gibbons from Wisconsin;
  • Pink and green by Sandy Morawski. Pinwheels by Donna Dellacamera from Connecticut;
  • Giraffes, by Eleanor MacMillan of Ontario, Canada;
  • Two quilts by Helen Baczynski of Springfield, South Dakota.
Please make sure to stop by our booth in the 1700 aisle of the International Quilt Festival at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston to see what you might like to take home with you!
AND, because we can’t stop showing you beautiful quilts, let us take this opportunity to show you a number of other beautiful quilts that we’ve received over the last couple of months.  Most of these quilts have been sent to Salaam Cultural Museum for their humanitarian efforts with Syrian Refugees in Greece and Jordan,  or they will be shortly on their way to Mary’s Place, a charity that provides shelter to homeless women and their children in the Seattle area.  The names of the quilters and piecers are in the filename of each photo, but to make sure we give credit to all, these quilts have come from the following:
  • Northern Illinois Longarm Guild members Judith White, Sally Schlatter, Marilyn Miller, Carol Paxton, Nancy Sturgeon (and her friend and binder-buddy Bev!), and Debby Connor;
  • St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Northfield, Illinois quilters Jill, Linda, Anita, Betsy and Diane;
  • Suzanne Lammi;
  • Merridy Pyer (Fat Quarter Challenge Participant);
  • Krustun Knell;
  • Carol Fairbanks;
  • Ruth Blakely;
  • Barbara Buckley;
  • J. Larson.

Please hover your cursor over the photos to determine which of these beautiful quilts were created by which of these talented quilters, and click on them for a close-up.  These quilts are just beautiful, and will be so appreciated by the children who receive them!

Thank you, thank you. Again and again.

Karen & Carla

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