Quilts for Mary’s Place, Seattle, WA

Recently we provided 200 quilts to Mary’s Place, a shelter for homeless women, children, and families in emergency situations.  We just recently received this request and through the generosity of our volunteers, we provided them the quilts in a matter of a few weeks.  One of our former officers and Regional Coordinator, Karen Vander Stoep, coordinated the project.  Here is what she had to say:  “Thank you seems small compared to the reality of 200 absolutely gorgeous quilts. They really are stunning. I can imagine the delight these will bring to the kids. The combined efforts of my favorite quilting friends at Trilogy Quilters in Redmond and Quilts Beyond Borders nation wide, is truly astounding. Thank you from my heart and soul.”  This is a picture of Karen with some of the quilts below.


Some quilts sent from our Northeast Regional Coordinator Karen Matheson and her volunteers. (Sorry about the first picture not rotating.)  From Karen:

Quilts sent with love and warmth seemed like a good thing for us to do.  Left to right pictures, left to right quilts….and why that first picture is vertical I don’t know and I can’t seem to turn…Thank you all for your dedication and excellent work!!   Karen Matheson

Picture #1: three quilts by Sheila Hughes.
Picture #2: three more by Sheila Hughes
Picture #3: Made by Susan Elliott;  Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Terri Desmond; Pieced by Mary Wilkes, quilted by Terri Desmond.
Picture #4: Made by Pat Wildman, designed by Marki Ware; two pieced by Kelly Chladil, quilted by Terri Desmond.
Picture #5: Made by Sandy Morawski; Pieced by Marsha Johnson, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek; Pieced by  Hong Chang, quilted by Deb Jacoby.
Picture #6: Two pieced by Marsha Johnson, middle one pieced by Quilting for Christ Ministry; all three quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek.
Picture #7: Pieced by Sherry, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek; Pieced by Hong Chang, quilted by Barbra Buckley; Made by Donna Dellacamera.
Picture #8: Pieced by Quilting for Christ Ministry, quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek; Made by Sheila Hughes.
Picture #9: Pieced by Kit Gibby, quilted by Terri Desmond; Made by Nancy Moore for “Fat Quarter Challenge.”

The following quilts are from the Northwest group of Regional Coordinator, Susan Schmidt.  Here are a few words from Susan:

The quilts below will help keep the children warm during the cold Northwest winter and their bright colors are sure to bring joy to the children. Thank you to all the piecers and quilters for the lovely quilts. Quilts both pieced and quilted were made by Catherine Eith, Belinda Moore, Mary Barnett, Helen Zielke, Margie Adelman, Bev Hoskanson, Judy Salinas, Virginia Wilcox, Ellen Janes, Elyce Wiensz, Nancy Beckham, Kay McKinnon, Annette Jung, and Cindy Huddleston.

Piecers are Ocean Shore Quilters, Leona Ross, Barb & Becky, Marci Roberts, Joan Callaghan, Nanny K, Carol Jean Hubbard, Donna Sciandra, Christina Brugman, Ann Drake, Jill Dailey., Susan Schmidt, June Berry, and Castle Rock Quilters. Quilting was done by Laural Hertel, Barbara Karlsten, Becky Goldner, Mary Lou Fredrickson, Mary O’Mara, Jolene McClellan, Penny Evers, Annie O’Brien, Beth Miller, Delleen Kompkoff, Gerrie Thompson, Kayleen Davis, Kim Walsh, and Catherine Eith. You can click on the pictures to see who made each quilt.

Susan Schmidt  Northwest Regional Coordinator

Wow, that’s a lot of wonderful quilts!  Thanks so much to everyone.

Tina, Regional Coordinator













One Response to “Quilts for Mary’s Place, Seattle, WA”

  1. Liz Says:

    My foster daughter received a quilt made by Sheila Hughes. One night she stopped breathing, I did CPR until the ambulance arrived. The paramedics took her quilt to cover her, it’s Seattle it’s always raining. This was the only piece of home we had with us during our stay at children’s hospital. This quilt is very special to us both.

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