From the Northwest & Beyond

A beautiful array of 40 colorful quilts traveled by container ship to the Syrian Refugees in Jordan. They  arrived in November and were delivered to the children in December just in time for the winter. Temperatures can dip into the 40’s and the refugees continue to live in tents so the added warmth of our quilts is greatly needed and appreciated.

Half of the quilts were pieced and quilted by the same quilter. They are Kay McKinnon, Cindy Huddleston, Delleen Kompkoff, Anya of MT, Christine Holdridge, Ellen Janes, Virginia Wilcox, and Elyce Wiense. The remaining quilts were pieced by Christine Brugman, Theola Breaux, Castle Rock Quilters, Vicki R., Ann Drake, Pat Johnston, June Berry, Donna Sciandra & Joy, Mary Barnett, Ellen Janes, Leona Ross, Thayer Garrett, and Susan Schmidt. These quilts were quilted by Ellen Janes, Beth Miller, Heidi Oliver, Marie Anderson, Jessica Newton, Tomme Fent, Gerrie Thompson, Becky Goldner, Pat Blem, Mary Craft, and Delleen Kompkoff. You can click on the picture to see who made each quilt.

Thank you to so many committed quilters who continue to support us by making quilts for children in need around the world!


Susan Schmidt   Northwest Regional Coordinator



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