The Story of the Starfish

Do you all know the story of the starfish? A beachcomber noticed many hundreds of starfish recently washed up on the beach. He started tossing them back into the water, one at a time. A second beachcomber happened by and commented that his effort wasn’t going to make much difference, was it? Well, said the first man, it makes a difference to THIS one, as he tossed yet another starfish back into the life-giving water.

As we continue to hear the horror stories coming out of the camps of Syrian refugees I continue to hope that our quilts will indeed bring a message of love and caring to at least one refugee. We can’t fix the situation nor can we reach every one, but we CAN make a difference to some. We hear that our quilts bring a smile to the faces of all who are lucky enough to receive one and know that we care.

You have been particularly generous and prolific this winter! I have been happily overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of quilts, tops, cut squares and fabric. I think you feel the desperation, too, as I do. Keep it coming! And, as you know, I will do my best to let you know where your quilts end up.

Today I am sending the 20 baby-sized quilts pictured below to our contact in Seattle for delivery to the refugee babies. Follow the pictures left to right, the quilts within the pictures, left to right.

Simsbury (CT) United Methodist Church’s Prayers and Squares group came up with a very unique idea. During Rally Day they set up a table loaded with quilt fabric and asked for folks to choose a design and fabric that could then be stitched by the group and dedicated to a person of their choice. Four of the quilts shown below were made from that project.

A special welcome to Mary Gridley, a new volunteer from Connecticut and a huge thank you to our many repeat quilters in the Northeast Region.

Picture #1: Pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA; quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek, NY.
Made by Jan Baker, CT.
Two pieced by Lee O’Connor, CT; one quilted by Fran Fink, MA; one by Peggy Thomsen, CT.
Starfish Post (1)
Picture #2: Made by Jan Bennett, CT (designed by Melinda Lazor in memory of grandson, Calum.)
Made by Donna Sciandra, NY.
Starfish Post (2)
Picture #3: Four quilts made by Leesa Plude, CT (designed by Ben and Nei in honor of Nana; by Ben and Colin in honor of Nana; in memory of Leesa’s   mother, Edna Stewart).
Starfish Post (3)
Picture #4: Pieced by Sheila Hughes, MA;  quilted by Barbra Buckley, CT.
Pieced by Shirley Tucker; quilted by Barbra Buckley, CT
Made by Barbra Buckley, CT.
Starfish Post (4)
Picture #5: Made by Mary Gridley, CT
Two quilts pieced by Hong Chang, Australia; one quilted by Charlotte Kieliszek, NY; one by Peggy Thomsen, CT.
Starfish Post (5)
Picture #6:  Four quilts made by Mary Gridley, CT.
Starfish Post (6)
Karen Matheson
Northeast Regional Coordinator

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