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More Quilts to Syria

April 25, 2017
Another delivery of your beautiful messages of love has been sent to the Syrian refugees.  I just learned that the war in Syria has been going on for 6 years. The words suicide and prostitution are showing up more frequently in the articles about the camps. The people’s despair, their hopelessness reaches new heights daily.   Below are the quilts that were sent in the latest delivery.


Pictures are listed left to right with quilters listed within each left to right.

Picture #1,#2:  Four quilted by Peggy Thomsen, CT: pieced by Hong Chang, Australia; Deb Doyon, CT; Lee O’Connor, CT; Kelly Chladil, NJ.
Picture #3, #4:  Five made by Sheila Hughes, MA.
Picture #5:  Made by Sheila Hughes, MA; made by Pat Wildman, CT.
Picture #6:  First two made by Barbra Buckley, CT; pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA, quilted by Linda Dranchak, ME.
Picture #7:  Two made by Nancy Kane, NH.
Picture #8:  Pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA, quilted by Fran Fink, MA; pieced by Quilting for Christ Ministry, TX, quilted by Leesa Plude, CT.
Picture #9:  Pieced by Joyce Goldberg, quilted by Terri Desmond, MA; pieced by Jean Unger, PA, quilted by Karen Matheson, CT.

Thank you, all of you single-starfish-throwers, for your talent and dedication to our collective effort on their behalf.

Regards, Karen Matheson


From the Northwest & Beyond: Quilts for Mexico

April 20, 2017

How exciting it was to be able to provide quilts for an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico this past Christmas.  Our group provided 20 quilts that were delivered just in time for Christmas.  Pictures of that delivery are posted on our blog.

The quilts we sent are above, and if you click on the picture you will see who made and quilted them. The beautiful colors and designs are sure to be cherished by the children and provide some extra warmth at night. I am so thankful for our group who help and support me in so many ways!!

Cheers, Susan Schmidt

Quilter’s Spotlight: Theola Breaux

April 12, 2017
What  a joy it has been getting to know Theola and seeing the beautiful work she does making tops. In the past year Theola  has made over 50 tops for me. My long armers are always excited to get one of her tops! Theola has been a wonderful support to me and a cherished friend. QBB is lucky to have someone who has a love for children and is a great supporter of our group. I am delighted she is this month’s Quilter’s Spotlight and you can get to know her.

Name:   Theola Breaux
Hometown & State:  Houston TX
Years Quilting:  8
Favorite Quilting Style:  Piecing
Quilt Guild or Group:  Blue Triangle Quilt Guild
Your Website or Blog: None

Why do you volunteer with Quilts Beyond Borders?

I volunteer with Quilts Beyond Borders because it gives me an opportunity to share my talents with others.  And, different from guild obligations, I only have to complete a part of the quilt

How did you learn about Quilts Beyond Borders?

A friend of mine asked me to help her complete some kits she had gotten. (Bit off more than she could chew).  And, from that experience I was hooked, could work on the kits when I just wanted to sew.

How did you learn to quilt?

I don’t consider myself a quilter, just a piecer.  Just used my sewing skills and some instructions from a friend and fellow quilter.

Where do you get quilting inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the other ladies at each of two guilds I’ve been associated with.

What’s your favorite quilting tip or technique?

I like to collect my pattern and cut the kit together in a work packet, and all the components to complete the project.

What else should we know about you?

I’m a 72 yr old female that vowed never to sew.  I’ve learned that deep down there was always a passion for sewing.  I think my life is sewn together because in most cases, I’d rather sew than eat.  Sewing is a great relaxing tool, but when you enjoy it, it’s amazing.  I’m the proudTheola mother of 7 kids, 18 grandchildren, and 10 great grand kids.  A brew for any group, but my husband and I of 51 years really enjoy our family.  Life is beautiful.  A 27 year survivor of breast cancer, recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, on the slow road to recovery.  Feeling better and getting stronger each day.  Thanks to Quilt Beyond Borders, I met one of the best friends of my life – Susan Schmidt, one of the coordinators, a great lady.

Susan Schmidt, North West Regional Coordinator

Fat Quarter Challenge for March

April 5, 2017

This month I received three quilts for the FQ Challenge from Carol Egan (MN), Kathleen Rountree (CA) and Bonnie Salt (MA), quite an expanse of geography covered with these quilts.  I always get motivated when I receive quilts and love looking at the different designs and patterns used.  Here are the 3 beautiful quilts received during March.

Now remember when we said that the earlier you turn in your FQC quilt, the more  opportunities you have to win, even if you’ve won already.  Well this has been a lucky month for Diane Hamm (CT).  Diane turned in her FQC quilt in November and since that was the only quilt received for November, she automatically won.  Well, she has also won for March using the random generator list.  Congratulations Diane on winning the $25 gift certificate from the Fat Quarter Shop.  And many thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our monthly prize.

So far we have had 14 fat quarter quilts submitted for the challenge.  There is still plenty of time to turn in a quilt and be eligible to win the monthly prize and finally the year end prize of $100 cash.  If you have any questions about where to mail your quilt, contact our email at

Cheers, Tina


A note of thanks!

April 3, 2017

Recently I’ve been able to do some QBB quilting of tops I’ve had in my cupboard. It’s been so fun to see the variety and wonder about who will be the lucky child to receive them. It was a beautiful spring morning when I snapped these photos (I’m regretting my decision to take down the clothesline!)

These were pieced by Donna Sciandra, Dawn Hadfield, Steve Cameron, Debi Jackso, Maria Hamilton, Lisa Eckert, Nyla Runard and Quilting for Christ.

I have also received the following completed quilts from Geneal Smith (who is 96 years young!) and Linda Cadzow:

I sent these 25 beauties to Camp Heartland in Minnesota for their summer camp for kids dealing with HIV and AIDS. I know they’re going to be loved and treasured. Just a few days later, I received this in the mail:

Just thought I’d share the thanks with all of you who make it possible! Let’s keep spreading the sunshine!