A note of thanks!

Recently I’ve been able to do some QBB quilting of tops I’ve had in my cupboard. It’s been so fun to see the variety and wonder about who will be the lucky child to receive them. It was a beautiful spring morning when I snapped these photos (I’m regretting my decision to take down the clothesline!)

These were pieced by Donna Sciandra, Dawn Hadfield, Steve Cameron, Debi Jackso, Maria Hamilton, Lisa Eckert, Nyla Runard and Quilting for Christ.

I have also received the following completed quilts from Geneal Smith (who is 96 years young!) and Linda Cadzow:

I sent these 25 beauties to Camp Heartland in Minnesota for their summer camp for kids dealing with HIV and AIDS. I know they’re going to be loved and treasured. Just a few days later, I received this in the mail:

Just thought I’d share the thanks with all of you who make it possible! Let’s keep spreading the sunshine!




One Response to “A note of thanks!”

  1. Hazel Says:

    Would you please send me the contact person’s info in Raleigh. I will be going up there soon. Thank you. Hazel Ovitz. Helping Hands Longwood Florida

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