More Quilts to Syria

Another delivery of your beautiful messages of love has been sent to the Syrian refugees.  I just learned that the war in Syria has been going on for 6 years. The words suicide and prostitution are showing up more frequently in the articles about the camps. The people’s despair, their hopelessness reaches new heights daily.   Below are the quilts that were sent in the latest delivery.


Pictures are listed left to right with quilters listed within each left to right.

Picture #1,#2:  Four quilted by Peggy Thomsen, CT: pieced by Hong Chang, Australia; Deb Doyon, CT; Lee O’Connor, CT; Kelly Chladil, NJ.
Picture #3, #4:  Five made by Sheila Hughes, MA.
Picture #5:  Made by Sheila Hughes, MA; made by Pat Wildman, CT.
Picture #6:  First two made by Barbra Buckley, CT; pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA, quilted by Linda Dranchak, ME.
Picture #7:  Two made by Nancy Kane, NH.
Picture #8:  Pieced by Marsha Johnson, FLA, quilted by Fran Fink, MA; pieced by Quilting for Christ Ministry, TX, quilted by Leesa Plude, CT.
Picture #9:  Pieced by Joyce Goldberg, quilted by Terri Desmond, MA; pieced by Jean Unger, PA, quilted by Karen Matheson, CT.

Thank you, all of you single-starfish-throwers, for your talent and dedication to our collective effort on their behalf.

Regards, Karen Matheson


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