From the Northwest & Beyond: Quilts for Syria

We started out 2017 by providing 20 regular size quilts and 60 baby quilts for the Syrian Refugees through the Salaam Cultural Museum based in Seattle. They traveled on a container ship full of items to help the refugees located in No Man’s Land, a strip of land between Syria and Jordan. Over 75,000 refugees live there in horrible conditions, not enough tents for people, lack of food and water, poor sanitation to name a few of the struggles there. They will appreciate the quilts since the winters there are cold despite being in the desert.

You can go to each picture and click on it to see who made and quilted each quilt. We provide quilts monthly to this cause. I have met Rita, who runs the organization and I am amazed at all that she does to help them, she is very resourceful and has tireless energy. I know that she is so grateful for all the quilts! Thanks to everyone who is helping us provide quilts to people who are suffering and bringing a bit of joy and warmth into their lives.


Susan Schmidt    Northwest Regional Coordinator


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